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OnlyFans since its launch in 2016 has tempted several creators on its website. If you are one of their users or a future entrant and you are facing payment queries on OnlyFans, tune in because we are going to unlock everything related to OnlyFans payment, like how to pay OnlyFans without a credit card, how to pay OnlyFans from PayPal, or how to pay OnlyFans without card.

OnlyFans & It Subscription

OnlyFans is a platform that pays creators from fitness to musicians, a space to grow financially with your followers through monthly subscriptions and pay per view (PAV).

Content creators earn through their attractive subscriptions and fan charges. Famous entertainers like Cardi B and Bella Thorne have also joined this platform and earned an inflated amount in just one day.

Crunchy Fact: Through OnlyFans, Bella Thorne earned 1 million in one day after joining the OnlyFans platform. Aren’t these breath-numbing news?

All you need is a subscription and follow the creator. So if you have currently liked someone’s content on OnlyFans, even to view someone’s profile and view the content, you have to pay.

There are strict security terms and conditions for uploading content and payment methods.

OnlyFans leverages the audience to join the platform through a profile with an anonymous profile name and post.

The payment that is made to the creators is through the employment of third parties. The credential required to pay the creator is a credible email and account address.

Payment methods available for OnlyFans users

OnlyFans gives its users the freedom to pay creators, their content, and their profile, through various payment methods. Brief points are provided below to familiarize you with the payment methods OnlyFans allows.

  • OnlyFans does not support non-bank financial institutions, third-party payments.
  • OnlyFans does not support app payments like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • It also allows credit card and debit card payment for its users to pay for subscriptions.
  • You are free to pay through virtual cards.
  • Visa and Mastercard payment methods are also available on OnlyFans.

Note: OnlyFans does not accept all prepaid cards.

Well, I’m sure you’re not here to have an overview of OnlyFans. So, let’s move on to talking about what you are concerned about, which is whether you can subscribe to OnlyFans without a credit card. Or do you need a credit card for OnlyFans for free? Let’s talk about this.

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How to subscribe to OnlyFans without a credit card?

I bet you too are one of those people who don’t believe in divulging your credit card details or maybe one of those who don’t even have a credit card these days, and that’s why you’re here. Well, it’s basically not your fault, especially in the age of net banking and all.

So I’m sure you’re wondering ‘how can I use OnlyFans without a credit card? Here you will know everything. But before you get ahead of anything. Let’s be clear about one thing, you should be aware that there are creators on OnlyFans who charge from their audience on a monthly basis, so you cannot use OnlyFans without a credit card for those paid creators. So for them, you won’t be able to go on without a credit card.

However, if you sign up to OnlyFans to view content from free creators, then the sky is your limit. Use the platform as much as you want and you will not be asked for any card information, be it credit or debit. Let’s see how to do that.

Ways to use OnlyFans without a credit card

Here are five ways you can use OnlyFans without a credit card:

  1. Use the OnlyFans view tool where you can find your friends easily.
  1. If you are reluctant to use a credit card while signing up for OnlyFans, you can simply use a prepaid card or debit card for the same.
  1. You can also use a virtual credit card to access OnlyFans for free.
  1. If any of these don’t suit you, you can opt for any alternative platform, like Reddit, which also offers the same content from the creators on OnlyFans.
  1. You can also choose to earn money on OnlyFans and then buy subscriptions for your favorite creators. This could be a proactive approach for any user to avoid losing money from their accounts.

Search for free accounts on OnlyFans

A simple and one of the most preferred way to solve your query of ‘how to pay OnlyFans without credit card’ and ‘how to pay OnlyFans without credit card 2021’ is to opt for free accounts on OnlyFans. The benefit of using the free accounts on OnlyFans is that the creators will not ask you for anything in exchange for their content. Therefore, you will not be asked to fill in your credentials.

All you have to do is do a little research and you can land on some of the best free pages on OnlyFans. Since it’s certainly not mandatory for all OnlyFans accounts to be paid and you have to pay creators to get access to their content, some of them offer the best and even the most relatable content at no cost.

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Use the Virtual Card

Another way to use OnlyFans without credit cards is by using any other card, they are almost like credit cards only. Unlike credit cards, when you use a virtual card, you pay only with your bank account, you can say that they are technically only debit cards. The only difference between traditional debit cards is that with a virtual card, you don’t need to have a bank account to use them.

With this, all you have to do is load the money directly onto your card and use it. In fact, if your card balance is low, you can even add more funds to it, and all without even having a bank account.

Another way to use OnlyFans without a credit card is by using a virtual card. To do this, you will receive an access code to your disposable card in your email a few minutes after making the payment.

Once the card is activated, you can use your 16-digit Mastercard number to buy a subscription to any account on OnlyFans anonymously. In this way, you can get access to your favorite accounts on OnlyFans and also keep your privacy.

And once you have activated your virtual card on OnlyFans, you can easily set up the card in your account. Not only that, the card can also be used to top up the wallet.

However, there are some reasons why your virtual card payment transactions may be declined, here are the possible reasons:

  • Insufficient funds.
  • You entered the wrong card credentials.
  • The billing address does not match the information on the card.

So, before your card is blocked, you will be able to try three times. Therefore, make sure that you provide all the requested credentials correctly.

Earn money to support the subscription

OnlyFans as a source of income for freelancers

Can you use OnlyFans without a credit card? Can you subscribe to OnlyFans without a credit card? Of course, another proactive way to do this is to earn on OnlyFans first, and then buy a subscription. Since it has been classified as a self-employed earner, anyone can earn on OnlyFans. This way, the money won’t come out of your account, so you won’t risk revealing your identity to the creators.

There are several ways to earn money on OnlyFans, you can join the platform as a creator or use your skills to write about it on various platforms.

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Let us now move on to understanding the OnlyFans monetization process.

OnlyFans Monetization

Talking about OnlyFans monetization process and algorithm, you have three different ways to monetize your platform. Let’s take a look:

pay per view

The first is Pay Per View, one of the most popular options. The reason why it is so preferred is that creators can contact their subscribers directly and can even advertise to them in any way they want. These are basically ads that are targeted to those with matching interests.

pay per share

The other is Pay Per Action, where creators can advertise in a series of interactive microapps. These apps are quite similar to search engines or video sharing sites, the only difference is that they run within the OnlyFans platform. In this way, every time a visitor finishes watching a show, the creator gets a reward.

paid shares

And the last one for monetization is through paid shares. It is quite simple to understand, the user visits the OnlyFans website and watches an explicit video. After this, the website tracks the IP address of the viewer and then calculates the length of time the user has watched the video.

Now, from the information collected, the website will be able to understand the quality and quantity of the content that is most viewed and how much a particular creator will be able to earn from that exposure. And not only that, it also collects some additional data that helps the site determine the earnings of each member.

frequent questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about using OnlyFans without a credit card:

Can you use OnlyFans without a credit card?

ANS: Yes, there are several ways to subscribe to OnlyFans without a credit card;

  • Use the virtual credit card
  • Find free creators
  • Use the OnlyFans search tools.
  • Earn money on OnlyFans and then use it for more subscriptions.
  • Use the prepaid visa card.

What are the other forms of payment in OnlyFans?

ANS: If you are not willing to use your credit card on OnlyFans, you can simply go for a virtual credit card for the same.

How to earn money on OnlyFans?

ANS: There are several ways to earn money on OnlyFans:

  • Marketers can use it to promote affiliate products.
  • Use it to drive traffic to your sites.
  • Use it as a social networking site to connect with people with similar interests.
  • Show your talent and get subscribers.

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