Baristas reveal secrets! Why ordering ‘Mocha’ at EOD is the most hated coffee order

Ordering coffee can be a headache if you’re not familiar with how a coffee shop works. For professionals who know exactly what they want, from oat milk to how many pumps of vanilla syrup, however, for other less informed casual coffee drinkers, the ordering process can be a daunting task.

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Baristas give reasons not to order mocha coffee at the end of the day

Since not all coffee drinkers are experts, a barista stops by to offer help to those who unfortunately end up ordering a mocha right before the coffee shop is about to close for the day.

Why you shouldn't order mocha before the coffee shop closesunpack

For Bartho Saayman, who is food and beverage director of the Hotel Carpintero In Austin, Texas, opting for a mocha is the worst decision in a coffee shop. In an interview with HuffPost, the barista offered advice, telling readers to avoid a mix of espresso, chocolate, and milk. The combination is better known as “mocha.”

Aside from a late cup of mocha, Saayman isn’t a big fan of the drink at any time of the day. He said: “I personally don’t understand the appeal of mocha.” And he added: “Many good coffee shops use an excellent base product [espresso]only to overpower the beautiful, delicate flavors of coffee with cheap chocolate syrup.”

Barista thinks chocolate syrup ruins coffee

Why you shouldn't order mocha before the coffee shop closesunpack

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Saayman also noted that mixing the chocolate syrup with the coffee “completely ruins the cream.” For Adam Keita, co-owner of a café and wine bar Daughter In Brooklyn, New York, ordering a cup of mocha when a barista is trying to close his station is the worst idea.

Keita explained: “Let’s say [a shop is] “It closes at 5 pm and someone comes in at 4:59 pm and orders a mocha.” He continued, “Then that becomes a slight inconvenience because it requires using the espresso machine and various ingredients, followed by more cleanup.”

A customer from Wiltshire, UK, realized the logic behind this advice when he ordered a large cup of mocha while visiting Great Western Hospital. The Costa Coffee cup, however, was only half full, which was a big surprise to the customer.

So, bottom line, don’t make the mistake of ordering an extravagant cup of coffee right before a coffee station closes. It probably wouldn’t turn out the way you wanted and would cause you excessive pain.

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