World Emoji Day 2023 Date, history, importance, theme and greetings and more details

World Emoji Day: -World Emoji Day is an annual celebration that takes place on July 17 and recognizes the importance of emojis in today’s digital communication. Nowadays, imagining a world without emojis is difficult. Texting can be so much fun with those little expressions. World Emoji Day aims to educate the general public about the meanings and contexts of popular emojis. World Emoji Day was established in 2014 by Jeremy Burge, the popular online emoji directory Emojipedia. We have analyzed the history, origin, meaning and global celebrations of this day in greater detail in this article.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17 each year and is a fun way to embrace the universal language of emoji. Emojis have become an integral part of our digital communication, allowing us to express emotions and convey messages in a visual and creative way. On World Emoji Day, people around the world come together to celebrate the impact and importance of these little icons. It’s a day to explore new emojis, learn about their origins, and have some lighthearted fun with friends and family.

World Emoji Day 2023

World Emoji Day is a major event that draws attention to the importance of emojis in contemporary communication, particularly on digital platforms. Emoji fans and social media users around the world celebrate this day. The first World Emoji Day was celebrated on June 17, 2014. It is celebrated on June 17 because the smiley on the calendar shows a similar date. This day highlights the fact that emojis have evolved to become an integral part of language itself. World Emoji Day is a celebration of the little digital icons that have become an integral part of our online communication.

This day, which is celebrated on July 17 of each year, aims to promote the use and understanding of emojis in different cultures and languages. Emojis are not only fun and expressive, but they also help to bridge the gap in text-based communication by adding emotional context to messages. From smiley faces to food, animals, and even hand gestures, emojis have become a universal language that transcends barriers. On World Emoji Day, take some time to explore the wide range of emoji available and discover new ways.

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world emoji day

World Emoji Day 2023 Overview

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What is a 2023 Emoji?

An emoticon is a representative symbol that addresses an inclination, thought, or thing. Emoticons are widely used in today’s common literary discussions. World Emoji Day celebrates the role emojis play in our conversations. In fact, we can also say that none of us can understand a world without emojis.

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history of emoji

  • The Japanese word for “emoji” roughly translates to “picture word.” Shigetaka Kurita created emoticons in 1990 for the Japanese telecommunications organization NTT Docomo.
  • The use of emoticons first began in 2007 when Apple’s first iPhone in Japan featured an emoticon console.
  • The United States and the rest of the world followed suit as emojis gained popularity. Today, July 17 is considered World Emoticon Day to celebrate emoticons.

Emoji Day Goals

World Emoji Day is meant to be a fun day to celebrate emoji, but there’s more to it than that. Emojis are widely used by people using digital devices and have evolved to become part of language.

  • The goal of World Emoji Day is to raise awareness about emojis, which have become an integral part of digital communication.
  • On this day it is also recommended to educate yourself and others about the history and meaning of emojis in today’s digital world.

Importance of World Emoji Day 2023

The recognition that emojis have evolved into a universal means of expression is what makes World Emoji Day important. The use of images and figures in language dates back to ancient Egyptian times and, surprisingly, to earlier times. Some even compare emojis to hieroglyphics.

The use of emojis as a universal language that transcends borders and languages ​​is the central theme of World Emoji Day. People from various societies, foundations and dialects convey feelings in advanced conversations using emoticons.

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History of Emoji Day

World Emoticon Day was first celebrated on July 17, 2014, after Jeremy Burge, the pioneer behind Emojipedia, proposed his festival. Check out some intriguing facts about the beginning and history of Emoticon Day here.

  • People used to post the calendar emoji on July 17 before the establishment of this day. This made it clear that the date July 17 is represented by the calendar emoji.
  • On July 11, 2014, Emojipedia sent out the first tweet about World Emoji Day.
  • The result was that people recognized emojis as important symbols that enhance the fun and interest of everyday conversations.

World Emoji Day Activities

World Emoji Day is a global phenomenon celebrated annually on July 17 in a variety of ways. The following are examples of some of the things that were observed on this day:

Emoji Day 2023 Social Media Campaigns

  • On World Emoji Day, Emojipedia presents a series of interactive social media campaigns.
  • The organization encourages social media users to share their favorite emojis and participate in emoji-themed challenges using the appropriate hashtags.
  • Take part in quizzes and quizzes to test people’s understanding of the meanings and uses of various emojis in honor of Emoji Day.

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Host emoji-themed parties

  • Invite your friends and family to an emoji-themed party to celebrate World Emoji Day.
  • Try not to avoid dressing up like your number one emoticon and making food molded with emoticons.
  • On Emoji Day, you can also decorate your party with emoji-based items.

Be creative

  • Draw or creatively use emojis to express your creative side.
  • Surprise your friends and family with an emoticon-themed cake to commemorate World Emoji Day.
  • Make an investment in emoji-themed products like clothing, accessories, and even food.
  • Let your loved ones know about Emoji Day and invite them to join the festivities!

World Emoji Awards

Emojipedia is in charge of organizing the World Emoji Awards. Emoji-related news and information can be found on this website. There are several categories of prizes, including the most anticipated emoji, the most creative emoji, the most popular emoji, and the most used emoji. Based on information collected from messaging apps and social media platforms, winners are chosen.

Unfortunately, no prizes have been awarded since 2020. You can check the emojis of previous winners in the table below.

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most anticipated emoji smiley face with tear
Most of 2020 raised fist emoji
New most popular emojis raised fist
New most popular emojis 1st Winner: Smiley Face with Hearts. 2nd winner: pleading face. 3rd Winner: Dazed Face.
New most anticipated emoji Buddy
best new emoji exploding head
most anticipated emoji lacrosse ball and stick
Excellence in the use of emojis Snoop Dogg
emoji of the year thinking face
best new emoji Winner: Person Palming 2nd Place: Rolling on the Floor Laughing 3rd Place: Person Shrugging
most anticipated emoji Winner – Flag of Wales 2nd Place – Face with a Raised Eyebrow 3rd Place – Quiet Face
Life Achievement Winner: Face with tears of joy. Second place: Pile of poop. Third place: Thinking face.


World Emoji Day is a global celebration of the beloved emojis that have become an integral part of our digital communication. This day, which falls on July 17 each year, is dedicated to appreciating the fun and expressive nature of emojis. Emojis aren’t just cute icons, they serve as powerful tools for conveying emotion, enhancing our messages, and adding a touch of personality to our online conversations. Whether you use emoji to express laughter, love, or even sarcasm, their universal language transcends barriers and enhances our ability to connect with others in a digital world.

Frequently asked questions about World Emoji Day

What to do for World Emoji Day?

Eat emoji-themed food, like emoji cake pops, a pizza with pepperoni heart eyes, or poop emoji ice cream! Make some smiley face cookies too, but make them look like your favorite emoji.

Is it World Emoji Day?

World Emoji Day – July 17, 2023.

Who invented World Emoji Day?

In 2014, Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge created World Emoji Day.

What is the first emoji?

NTT DOCOMO had a really successful pager called Pocket Bell, which displayed the first emoji: a heart. When they started pushing for a truly mobile internet (a software platform called i-mode), they knew they wanted a great app or feature that would grab the attention of people in Japan.

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