Bengaluru: Video Purportedly Shows Delivery Partner Eating From Bag, Raises Questions On Food Tampering

Zomato is regarded as the ultimate foodie platform, providing restaurant evaluations, meal delivery alternatives, and dining recommendations. It has become a go-to resource for getting a quick meal delivered to your door. 

However, the food delivery business has recently been in the spotlight for another reason. The following viral video allegedly shows a Zomato delivery executive grabbing a bite from the bag while waiting in traffic in Bengaluru. This has raised worries regarding the hygiene of the meal delivery service. Have a look.

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Video purportedly shows Zomato delivery agent eating customer’s food 

Food ordering has become an everyday aspect of everyone’s life. Everything a person desires, including groceries, is now available with the press of a button. However, from time to time, things may go awry when it comes to online orders. Notably, strange cases of delivery men snatching clients’ meals have recently been reported, but nothing like this one. 

A video that has gone viral recently allegedly shows a Zomato delivery worker eating from a customer’s order while waiting at a traffic light.
In the clip, the man reaches into the Zomato delivery box for what appears to be fries. This occurs while he is sitting on his two-wheeler in a traffic jam. Later in the video, he begins to devour it.

The footage prompted worries about the food delivery company’s food safety procedures. 

Facebook ScreengrabFacebook Screengrab

Zomato responded to the issue 

zomato delivery guyFacebook Screengrab

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Zomato responded by asking Chopra to disclose the delivery agent’s contact information. Details such as his bike plate number, order ID, and so on should be shared with them via private messaging so that this issue can be investigated. 

They further stated that such an attitude from their executives is not tolerated.

Chopra responds, explaining that because he was only at the signal for a little while, he wasn’t able to collect identification. 

What happened to the delivery executive or the poster of the video after that is unknown.

However, this raises the issue of the influence of what we post. There is no way of knowing if the delivery executive was eating his own food or not.

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