Boss Calls Female Employee ‘Unprofessional’ For Fainting At Work; Internet Is Furious

Dealing with medical emergencies in a workplace can pose a complex challenge, mainly due to the ongoing scrutiny often accompanying such situations. The delicate balance between ensuring the well-being of employees and managing perceptions can create intricate scenarios that demand careful handling and consideration.

A woman fainted at work, and her boss reacted unexpectedly. Instead of worrying about her, the boss scolded her and said she was “unprofessional.” 

This event became known through a post on the Mumsnet website, which discusses topics important to women, like pregnancy and childbirth.

The woman, who has a job in healthcare, shared her experience. She explained that she had fainted while talking to a patient.


“I’m a healthcare professional and fainted. It was mid-conversation, and I realized I really wasn’t well. So, I said to the patient, Excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m going to go and get someone else’ (so I could go out quickly and get some air as I thought I was maybe just hot!) And I stood up, and while walking out, I fainted on the floor,” she said.

When she returned to work the next day, she was asked to attend a meeting with her boss. To her surprise, the boss was not pleased and criticized her for acting “unprofessionally.”

In her online post dated August 6, she wrote, “The next day when she came in for work, she was scheduled for a meeting with a “slightly scary boss” to discuss how “unprofessional it was.”


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The post has gained a lot of attention since it was shared, receiving many likes and comments. 


Many individuals showed their anger and surprise about how the boss reacted. They said it wasn’t right to call her actions “unprofessional.”


Reflecting on the situation, a commenter questioned the logic, stating, “I don’t understand. You can’t choose to faint or not faint. What would a ‘professional’ have done according to the person who wants the meeting?”

Another user emphasized that fainting “can’t be helped.” In agreement, a comment highlighted, “It can’t be ‘unprofessional’ because that refers to behavior. “How ridiculous. Not something you could control at all (assuming it’s not because you’d not eaten for ages or something like that, of course),”

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