Can you change your Twitter username? Here are some easy steps

It is never too late! I guess this idiom fits perfectly here. We were all children once, and children do stupid things. One of the stupid things we did was create our so-called “cool” usernames on our social media handles like Twitter and Snapchat. But now we’ve grown up and it’s time to change those clever usernames.

So I’m sure the query “how to change your name on Twitter” has dragged you here. Well, that’s what I’m here for, here are all the details and instructions you’d like to know about how to change your username on Twitter.

Can you change your username on Twitter?

If you’re pondering the query “can you change your Twitter handle?”, then the answer is, you absolutely can. Unlike other social networking apps like Instagram, which allows you to change your username only twice every 14 days, Twitter allows you to do it an unlimited number of times. There are no restrictions on it.

Everyone has hysterically set their usernames once, even celebrities have.

Fortunately, there is now a way to modify the mistakes we have made in the past. However, there are some rules that you need to adhere to before setting up your new username. Your new username must be between four and fifteen characters long and only include numbers, letters, and underscores.

Note: When changing your username, it’s best to alert your friends and followers so they don’t get confused by your new username. Or you’d better choose a username similar to your name.

Now that you’re no longer wondering if I can change my Twitter name, let’s move on and learn how to change your username on Twitter.

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How to change your username on Twitter from the Web?

You can easily perform this task through your web browser. Here’s how to change your Twitter handle on desktop:

  • Sign in to your Twitter account from a web browser to get started.
  • There, on the home page, click ‘More’.

click more

  • Then click ‘Settings and Support’.

click setup and support

  • In the settings and support section, you will see a dropdown menu, click on the ‘Settings and privacy’ tab.

settings and privacy

  • Then click ‘Account Information’, you may be asked to enter your Twitter account password here to continue.

click account information

  • Once completed, click on the ‘Username’ tab and choose a username you want to modify the old one with.

change your username

This is how you change your Twitter username in a web browser. If you’re still wondering how to change my name on Twitter, let’s go ahead and solve the ‘How to change Twitter handle on mobile’ query.

How to change your username on Twitter from the mobile application?

Another way to change your name on Twitter is through the mobile phone application. Let’s see how it can be achieved:

  • Launch the Twitter app on your mobile phone and sign in to your account to get started.
  • From your profile icon in the top left corner, scroll down and click on the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option.

click settings and privacy

  • Then click on ‘Your account’.

your account

  • In your account tab, visit the ‘Account Information’ option.

click account information

  • There, you will see the basic information related to your account, including your username. Click on your username and set the desired username.

change your username

This is how you can change your Twitter username whenever you want and from the device you want. You may have noticed that many times I referred to the Twitter username as the Twitter “handle”, and you may have also wondered if they are the same or different. Let’s find out.

Are Twitter Handles and Twitter Names the Same?

Right off the bat, people might get confused about these two as they are often used interchangeably, but this is the fact. The Twitter ID is basically the unique identifier that only you can use, ie your username, which has to be unique.

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While Twitter name, on the other hand, is the display name that appears right above your username on your profile, which can be the same as anyone else’s.

Twitter handle is basically your Twitter username which should be explicit while Twitter name is your display name on Twitter.


In the image above, “Fart” is Doja Cat’s Twitter handle, while “DojaCat” is her Twitter handle or Twitter username.

Now that you have understood how to change your Twitter handle and the difference between Twitter handle and name, let’s take a look at more detailed information that we can learn when using this social media platform.

Choosing the Right Twitter Handle for Businesses

Business profiles are quite different from personal ones, and that’s not just the case for Twitter, but for all social media platforms. Business profiles have to be more modified, professional, informative and all that.

So a Twitter username or handle for a business profile should be short, memorable, and something that can be easily spelled, for example, @Forbes either @ForbesWomenthey are simple, direct, and easily spelled by anyone.

The only reason people can easily locate and access your Twitter handle is that it should be short, simple, and easy to remember. With your business profile, Twitter is not the place where you make jokes or repost memes, sometimes it’s ok, but the focus should be on posting useful content and content that makes people more aware of your brand/business.

What to do if your Twitter handle/username is already taken?

Now that you’ve learned how to change your Twitter handle, let’s also understand what to do if the Twitter handle you had in mind is already in use.

When it comes to any social media platform, there are tons of usernames that are already in use by other users. And the problem with these usernames is that you have to create a unique username, one that hasn’t been taken by anyone on that particular platform. You can add underscores, numbers, or characters to make your username unique.

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So if you’re having any difficulty choosing the correct username because it’s already taken, there are a few things you can try:

  • Try adding some numbers to your username, it could be your date of birth, your lucky number or anything, for example @user21.
  • You can also try changing the location of the numbers, try putting them at the beginning of your username, for example @21username.
  • You can even add some characters or underscores to your Twitter account, for example @user_ or @_user_.

So it was all about changing your Twitter handle/username via the web and mobile app. However, it often happens with people whose Twitter account has been suspended without any reason or notice, nothing to worry about, here is your guide to recover suspended Twitter account in 4 useful ways.

frequent questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Twitter usernames and how to change them:

How long and short can Twitter usernames be?

Answer: The minimum you can have for your Twitter username can be four characters and it can have a maximum length of 15 characters. Also, you cannot use a username that has already been taken by another user.

How many times can you change your Twitter username?

Answer: You may be surprised to learn that there are no restrictions on the number of times you can change your username on Twitter. You can change your username every day if you want.

Are the name and handling of Twitter the same?

Answer: No, Twitter handles and Twitter names are not the same. The Twitter handle is the username that must be unique for each user, while the Twitter name is the display name.

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