Cecilia Dapaah Dinero, Special Prosecutor seized again

Not much time had passed since the court ordered OSP to unfreeze Cecilia Dapaah’s account and return the confiscated money to her, but OSP froze her account again. A previous judge ruled that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the matter since it was filed out of time. The Special Prosecutor’s Office has once again taken multiple actions to freeze her account. This important advance was made by OSP after complying with court orders. Last week, the Accra High Court ordered the OSP to return Cecilia Dapaah’s money ($590,000) that was confiscated from her home. In addition, the Accra High Court also ordered the PSO to unfreeze its bank accounts at Prudential Bank and Societe Generale. However, Cecilia Dapaah’s accounts are said to have been frozen again. Take a look at the following sections and read more details.

Cecilia Dapaah Money

Earlier, the Special Prosecutor’s Office collated the Accra High Court ruling and order to unfreeze his bank accounts and return the money seized from his home. But the Special Prosecutor’s Office has once again ordered the freezing of bank accounts and investments on September 5, 2023, regarding suspicions of corruption and immorality-related crimes involving the sources and ownership of large amounts of money. Meanwhile, the OSP once again froze his bank accounts and investments, he confirmed in a statement. Skip to the next section for more details.

Cecilia Dapaah Money

The official statement from PASB read: “The Office of the Special Prosecutor has complied with the judgment and order of the Accra High Court dated August 31, 2023, by unfreezing the frozen bank accounts and investments of Cecilia Dapaah. The OSP has also returned that it confiscated the amount in cash in the presence and consent of her and her lawyers ”. The prosecutor argued that there were reasonable grounds to support his decision on Cecilia Dapaah, “subsequent to the indicated decision and order of the higher court and the OSP’s compliance with said decision and order, the OSP invoked its statutory power under Section 38 Part 1 of Laws 959 and regulation 19 (1) of LI2374 by ordering the freezing of Dapaah’s bank account from September 5, 2023”.

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The PNP politician’s bank accounts were frozen following a robbery case in which more than $1 million was stolen from her home. The prosecutor considered that the money was tainted property, so the court should confirm the seizure and freezing order. Stay tuned.

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