Children of Zuria Vega, discover more about Lúa and Luka and the privacy in which they live

Zuria Vega, one of the most popular Mexican actresses, is the mother of two children: Lúa and Luka. The actress has spoken openly about her motherhood and how her children are her greatest happiness.

Zuria Vega’s children were shown from their first months of life, however, they currently live in privacy and the actress prefers not to expose them on social networks and the media.

Zuria Vega, who is a successful Mexican actress, is the mother of two, a girl and a boy who have captivated her life and that of her husband Alberto Guerra.

Lúa, the eldest daughter

Lúa was born on January 11, 2017. The actress has said that Lúa is a very intelligent and sensible girl.

The little girl has appeared in some of her mother’s Instagram posts, but the actress has avoided showing her face to protect her privacy.

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Zuria Vega celebrated her son Luka's 3 years with a superhero party, shared the photos on Instagram |  Univision Celebrities |  UnivisionZuria and her children.

luka, the youngest son

Luka was born on May 20, 2019. The actress has said that Luka is a very happy and fun child.

Likewise, the little boy has also appeared in some of his mother’s Instagram posts, but the actress has avoided showing her face to protect her privacy.

Why so much privacy?

The actress opened up in a recent talk about the firm reason why she has adopted this measure, beyond the fact that there are people who ask her to pose with their children.

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Zuria VegaZuria publishes photos with her children without fully exposing them.

Among other things, she also talked about how she has handled parenthood with her husband, who, like her, is involved in daily tasks.

“They question me a lot, for example, why I don’t publish my children on social networks. They say: ‘It’s not like you were the queen…’. That’s why I don’t publish them, why are they so worried because I don’t publish a child’s face “Three years old, let me explain?” he said.

Zuria Vega is a proud and loving mother. The actress has said that her children are her greatest blessing and that they are the most important thing in her life.

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