Do you love pets like family? This woman was betrayed and ended up in the hospital with disastrous injuries after a dog attack

Any dog ​​lover’s biggest nightmare is having their adorable canines turn on them. For Australian native Nikita Piil, this nightmare came to life in an unexpected way.

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Where did the incident take place?

The incident took place in the safety of Piil’s home in Success, south of Perth, Australia. The woman was brutally mauled by her two Rottweilers while her neighbors watched in horror and called the police to save her.

The woman treated her dogs like any other member of the family. She even made a post on Facebook to celebrate her birthday. In 2017, she wrote, “Happy 1st birthday to my baby Bronx!” After getting the dog for the first time, she also wrote in a post: “Life is complete.”

Who was involved?

Woman suffers serious injuries after her dogs attack Facebook

The 31-year-old woman was attacked by her two dogs, whom she affectionately calls Bronx and Harlem. Her neighbor Bryn Spencer told her nine news“I was thinking about jumping over the fence and going in there to try to rescue her, but obviously there were two Rottweilers there.”

He added: “I didn’t have a knife; I didn’t have anything really good to take out this dog. I just had a bat. All I could really do was watch this girl get torn apart while I hit the fence.” “.

To save Piil, another resident pointed the hose at one of the dogs, which momentarily helped distract them from their bloodied owner. Spencer recalled: “I kept yelling at him and hitting the fence, and then he decided, ‘go away’ and grabbed the girl and dragged her behind the back corner, and that’s when I said, ‘oh no.'”

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Why it happened?

Woman suffers serious injuries after her dogs attack News Nine

The breeder who sold the two dogs to Piil came forward and explained why it all happened in a conversation with West Australian. She was accused online of breeding an “aggressive lineage.”

To which the breeder responded, “We don’t breed dogs for fighting. We don’t breed dogs for safety. We breed them primarily for showing and to place in family units.” According to her, what probably happened on that unfortunate day was that Piil came across the two dogs while they were already engaged in a fight.

Seeing the dogs fight, the owner probably tried to stop the fight and separate them, which is when the two dogs turned on her.

How is the owner now?

Woman suffers serious injuries after her dogs attack Facebook

Piil suffered serious injuries to his arms and legs. She remains in a serious condition at Royal Perth Hospital.

The police and paramedics who arrived at the scene initially tried to Taser the dogs, but to no avail. They were forced to shoot, leaving one of the animals in serious condition.

The two dogs were later seized by the Town of Cockburn. Unfortunately, the injured dog was euthanized due to his serious injuries.

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