Chinese students forced to submerge phones in water after being caught using them in class

Schools influence the character of students, not just the teaching of textbooks. They focus on discipline to help students become good individuals in society. That is why most schools have strict rules such as wearing a proper uniform, being well dressed, obeying teachers, and avoiding bad behavior.

In many Asian schools, students are not allowed to bring cell phones, but some mischievous students still manage to sneak them in.


When students bring cell phones to school, teachers usually take them away until the students get to their parents or write apology letters.

However, a shocking incident occurred at the Mingya school in China’s Guizhou province when a teacher discovered that students were violating the no-phone rule.

Instead of the usual punishment, the teacher asked the students to submerge their devices in water.

A video of this incident has been circulating online, leaving social media users stunned.

In the video, students can be seen dunking their cell phones one by one into a sink.

In an interview with a Chinese media outlet, the unnamed teacher explained that his school strictly prohibits mobile phones and romantic relationships, smoking and drinking on the premises.

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These policies were established with the agreement of the parents, giving the school the authority to take strict measures, even going so far as to smash electronic devices on the floor.

Netizens have widely criticized the practice of submerging cell phones in water.

The teacher has faced backlash for his harsh treatment of students, with some suggesting that confiscating the phones would have been enough, while others emphasized the value of money spent on these devices.

This incident at the Mingya school in China’s Guizhou province, where a teacher asked students to immerse their cell phones in water for violating the no-phone rule, drew a lot of attention and sparked controversy online.

While the school has strict policies, including an agreement with parents, many have criticized the teacher’s approach as inhumane and excessive.


The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate around school disciplinary measures and the balance between enforcing the rules and ensuring the well-being of students.

The consequences of this incident will likely spark further discussion about appropriate disciplinary action and the importance of fostering a supportive learning environment for students.

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