Cory Maynard obituary and cause of death: Tribute spills as cop dies

A man named Cory Mynard has passed away. This news is viral on the Internet. Timothy Kennedy, the shooter who wounded a second person in the Matewan area of ​​Mingo County and killed a West Virginia State Police officer, was taken into custody Friday night, according to West Virginia State Police. In what appears to have been an ambush Friday afternoon near Beech Creek, a soldier was fatally shot, according to the West Virginia State Police and West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. The victim, according to the governor, was Sgt. Cory Maynard. Maynard’s wife and two children, now ages nine and thirteen, are also gone. A GoFundMe campaign has helped his family. Now, read the entire article to the end and don’t skip any lines if you want to know everything about this case.

Obituary and cause of death for Cory Maynard

A funeral will be held for Cory Maynard in the presence of his family and close friends. West Virginia Police Sergeant Cory Maynard worked hard in Kentucky communities. He was a great worker who gave himself selflessly to the development of the nation. Sadly, now that he has passed away, many people are looking for his obituary and burial arrangements for him. In order to find peace and serenity at this difficult time, Cory’s family has yet to release his formal obituary. The funeral arrangements for him have not yet been made public. However, many people are paying tribute to him on social media. Maynard, a 2003 Belfry High School alumnus, was tough and meticulous. Scroll down to know more about this case.

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Cory Maynard

Police Trooper’s family is grieving his passing away in a terrible event. On June 2 in Mingo County, Sgt. Mr. Cory Maynard of the West Virginia State Police was fatally shot while responding to a shooting. Maynard’s organ donation was flown from Charleston to Pittsburgh on Saturday. He was traveled over the Fairmont Gateway Bridge. Additionally, I-79 was blocked off with emergency cars, EMS personnel and volunteers as Maynard’s procession passed by.

Cory Maynard

Additionally, a flag was flown from two fire truck ladders across the Fairmont Bridge. The gunman, Timothy Kennedy, 29, of Beech Creek, was captured Friday night after an extensive search, state police said in a statement. There were reportedly no other injuries and no additional information about the shooting was immediately released. So this was all about this case. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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