Does love know no limits? UP man climbs a 100 foot tower and asks to be allowed to marry the girl he wants

A man from Uttar Pradesh (UP) recently made headlines for scaling a 100ft mobile tower in an impressive display of love and devotion. His incredible achievement was motivated by his unwavering desire to marry the girl of his choice, disregarding traditional boundaries and seeking acceptance of his union.

The man’s courageous conduct contradicts deeply held social conventions that often force weddings to be arranged in the region. His firm commitment to marry the girl of his choice is a painful reminder of the difficulties faced by anyone trying to break free from the constraints of convention.

News of the man’s brave act spread quickly, capturing the interest of the media and the local population. While some criticized his actions as risky, others expressed solidarity with his fight and respected his integrity in fighting for love in adversity.

In the name of love: UP Man climbs a 100-foot mobile tower demanding to marry the girl of his dreams

A man climbs a 100 foot tower demanding to marry the girl of his choiceCredit: iStock

Kushinagar resident Dilip reportedly threw his phone from the top of the tower while climbing. Subsequently, others present informed the police of what had happened. They tried to persuade Dilip to come down.

A man climbs a 100 foot tower demanding to marry the girl of his choice.Credit: iStock

Regardless, Dilip paid no attention to any of them. After an hour, the policemen were able to arrest him. Dilip was then transported to a district hospital for treatment. Dilip stated that he wants to marry a girl, but his family members are against it. According to Dilip’s older brother, Amarjeet, his mental state is poor, which is why he committed this deed.

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A man climbs a 100 foot tower demanding to marry the girl of his choiceCredit: iStock

Amarjit further claimed that Dilip was recently involved in a battle with a group of people in which he suffered a head injury. Dilip fled while being escorted to a doctor on the day of the incident.

His family relatives found out that he was climbing a tower in Gorakhpur. His family left Kushinagar and came to the place as soon as they received the information.

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