India’s Best Dancer Season 3 Removal This Week, IBD Eviction Updates

We are back with a written update on the most famous show by the best dancer in India. This is a dance reality show. This show is running with great TRP on TV. Everyone loves the show because of the great concept of the show. This is the right platform, where you can get fame. This is the right way to make your career the best and brightest. All the contestants are good in their style and are doing a great job on the show. If you watched the last episode, you would have seen an amazing dance style. Let’s continue the article.

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India’s Best Dancer Season 3 Elimination

According to the promotional videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The next episode will be a special episode where the IBD 3 contestants will dance their hearts out on the theme song “Parivar”. All the contestants will give the best performance and win the hearts of the judges and the guests. All viewers will love the show because of her talented exhibition performance. There are several things left to tell you about the series, which you will find in the following section of the article.

#BestShivam dawn #ChoreographerVaibhav ke dance mein jhalka guru shishya ka special rishta!

Dekhiye #IndianBestDancer #SpecialFamily aaj raat 8 bass, sirf #SonyEntertainmentTelevision pair.@GeetaKapur @IAmSonaliBendre #ParivaarSpecial

– sonytv (@SonyTV) July 16, 2023

Based on the promo videos, the other promo videos have indicated that all the contestants will give a mind-blowing performance to express a good story. The judges will give their views. You will see on the show Best Sushmita will give the best performance in the famous song “Piya Bole”. They will give a very calm and deeply moving performance, which will be very beautiful and superb. All the judges will praise your performance. They will show some unique moves with their dance. We will tell you more details about the show in the next section of the article.

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Aaj ka waqt sirf aur sirf parivaar ke liye, kyunki parivaar hai toh hum hai!

Dekhiye #IndianBestDancer I, #SpecialFamily aaj raat 8 bass, sirf #SonyEntertainmentTelevision pair.@geetakapur @terencehere @iamsonalibendre #ParivaarSpecial

– sonytv (@SonyTV) July 16, 2023

#BestAkshay dawn #CoreographerAmardeep apne unique moves se phirse aapka dil jeetne taiyar hai!

Dekhiye #IndianBestDancer #SpecialFamily aaj raat 8 bass, sirf #SonyEntertainmentTelevision pair.@geetakapur @terencehere @iamsonalibendre #ParivaarSpecial

– sonytv (@SonyTV) July 16, 2023

#BestBoogieLLB dawn #ChoreographerSaumya aisa performance dene wale hain ki unka dance dekhne ke liye aapka bhi ‘jiya bekarar’ perfect wala hai! ❤️🤭

Dekhiye #IndianBestDancer #SpecialFamily aaj raat 8 bass, sirf #SonyEntertainmentTelevision pair.

– sonytv (@SonyTV) July 16, 2023

Also, contestant Debparna will show the best performance on stage with her choreographer Tarun. She will show off some of the best and most amazing moves. She will show off her best moves on the show and the judges will also praise her performance. It will be a fabulous performance, where they will show off some amazing moves. They will dance to the famous song “Main Nachdi Fira”. Best Norbu and her choreographer Tushar will dance beautifully on stage. They will dance to the energetic Chak song of India. They will get good comments and reactions from the judges and the guests. You can watch the full episode on Sony TV at 8 pm Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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