Equestrian involved in alleged murder-for-hire plot was ‘sex-crazed’, ‘slept’ at polo club and eventually ‘targeted rich men’: former friends

The glamorous Russian equestrian accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband was “sex-crazed” and specifically targeted wealthy men, former friends told The Post.

Tatyana Remley, 42, is currently being held in a San Diego jail following her arrest on August 2 for soliciting the murder of her husband Mark Remley, a far cry from the glitzy life of haute couture, parties and polo matches where he is said to have planned to romantically meet both men and women.

“It started with polo players and pretty soon it started targeting rich men,” a former friend who wished to remain anonymous told The Post.

“She was sex-crazed and several of the guys got away with it. When you have a body like that, it draws attention.

“Tatyana did pretty bad things and also had a girlfriend. And she got her way.”

Former friends who knew Remley – who has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her – for years said the buxom beauty didn’t talk much about her past, but said she was Russian and had experience in dressage, a highly specialized training. type of riding and equine exhibition.

Officers set up a sting operation in which Tatyana Remley agreed to meet with an undercover detective she allegedly tried to hire to murder her husband. Tatyana Remley/Facebook
A California woman known for a pair of high-profile business failures with her husband has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill him in San Diego County.Mark Remley, the husband of a jockey accused of plotting to kill him, was rushed to a hospital just a day before news of the alleged “murder-for-hire” plot broke. Tatyana Remley/Facebook

“He was kind, very friendly and sociable with everyone,” a friend told The Post.

Remley’s stunning looks and love of horses led her to the exclusive world of polo, Prince Harry’s favorite sport, in San Diego, where she quickly “started dating” and had numerous sexual relationships with men and women before deciding to her future husband, Mark.

The friend added: “Mark was definitely spanked by her and that was obvious, and she was determined to get the things she wanted.”

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Friends said Mark had just gotten out of a divorce when he met Remley and they hit it off instantly. The cute blonde was fun and she seemed to love Mark very much, and they soon became inseparable, friends said.

They both had children from previous marriages, and friends said Mark helped pay legal fees while Remley tried to gain custody of their two children.

DEL MAR, California.  A Del Mar woman is in custody and is accused of trying to hire someone to kill her husband and dispose of her body.Tatyana Remley appears with one of her horses in a file photograph. The couple first made headlines in 2013 after their multimillion-dollar acrobatic equestrian show “Valitar” suddenly closed, leaving performers and crew stunned. CBS 8 San Diego

“I always wondered how he got someone like Mark,” said one former acquaintance, who also wanted to remain anonymous, saying he feared repercussions from Remley. “Everyone who is honest thinks… that she was very, very lucky.”

Pals said Remley was sometimes manic and became depressed after losing custody of her children following a tumultuous custody battle.

Mark tried to ease her pain by “giving her whatever she wanted,” another friend said.

One of those requests, which his friends said were more like demands, was to produce Valitar, a show that Remley hoped would rival the popular equestrian-acrobatic show Cavalia.

The plan was to bring the show to Del Mar, California, before the more popular Cavalia came to town and stole its audience.

“It’s like Cirque du Soleil with horses,” Remley told a reporter in 2012 about his show, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

But Valitar was an epic failure before it even started. Ticket sales did not go as the Remleys expected and employees, including riders, acrobats and set builders, were not paid.

Mark Remley eventually had to declare bankruptcy in December 2012 for the corporation he formed to oversee Valitar.

“They had no idea what they were doing, at all,” Valitar director Erik Martonovich told the Tribune. “They weren’t horse people or show people.”

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After Valitar’s epic collapse, the pair fled to Hawaii, where they lay low. After a few years, Remley wanted to return to San Diego and had the idea of ​​forming his own polo team.

Tatyana faces charges of possessing a loaded firearm that is not registered in her name, as well as charges for allegedly soliciting the murder of her husband.Tatyana Remley faces charges of possessing a loaded firearm not registered to her and allegedly soliciting the murder of her husband. Tatyana Remley/Facebook

Some friends opposed the idea because they knew she was not a strong rider, an essential skill in the often dangerous sport of polo.

Remley convinced her husband to spend thousands of dollars to buy five horses. She then called on old friends to help her form the team she wanted to lead.

“I knew she wasn’t a very good cyclist, but I thought she was a superstar,” another friend told The Post.

Mark's wife, Tatyana, has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill him in San Diego County.Remley’s wife, Tatyana, has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill him in San Diego County.Tatyana Remley/Facebook

The Remleys managed to assemble a group of solid polo players and made their debut at the San Diego Polo Club in August 2015.

However, within minutes of the first match, Remley fell off his horse and broke his arm, according to sources.

Although the Remleys’ team lost, friends said they celebrated with champagne after the game.

But like Valitar, the couple’s hopes for their polo team also failed. One day, Tatyana Remley decided that she no longer wanted to participate in polo and she sold all the horses, former friends said.

Despite another financial hit, friends said Mark continued to support his wife, showering her with new trailers, trucks and even a Rolls Royce.

Their luxurious ranch in Del Mar, San Diego, also had other animals and Tatyana Remley adored her goats and parrots.

Around April, Tatyana Remley told acquaintances of her plans to go to Wellington, Florida, where the National Polo Center is located.

A California woman known for a pair of high-profile business failures with her husband has been accused of trying to hire someone to kill him in San Diego County.Tatyana Remley used her good looks to rub shoulders with rich men at exclusive polo clubs, former friends said.Tatyana Remley/Facebook

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But then things went downhill between the couple. Tatyana Remley filed for divorce on July 11 and claimed that her husband and her friends entered her home on May 21 in the middle of the night and threatened her.

“They forced entry into my room and pointed a gun at me,” Tatyana Remley said in her statement. “I was raped by one of her friends, who also told me that he planned to kill me. This happened while Defendant watched and laughed, allowing his friends to continue.

“They went to break my expensive horse statue in the yard and put the horse’s head on my bed, Godfather style.”

Remley also claimed that her husband also had a cocaine addiction and was prone to violent outbursts due to mental illness.

However, friends who spent time with the couple do not believe Remley’s claims. They said they both liked cigarettes and vodka, but they never saw Mark using drugs.

Mark even adored his wife, but that all came to a halt when she approached their mutual friend about their murder-for-hire plot in early July, which he confirmed to The Coast News.

The shocked husband then went to police, who set up their own sting operation against Remley at a Starbucks on Loma Santa Fe Drive on August 2. She also allegedly brought three firearms and a “down payment” when she met the posing undercover detective. as a hitman

“She provided detailed information about how she wanted her husband killed and his body disposed of,” San Diego County Sheriff’s Department officials said.

Former friends on the polo circuit who knew the couple were shocked, but also said they were not surprised by Remley’s alleged actions.

“I was surprised she was so brutal, but I know a couple of guys who ‘played’ with her and said she was a cold bitch,” the former friend said.

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