Experts Share How Often You Should Wash Towels – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a big, clean, luxurious towel after a leisurely shower. When will the towel be washed next? You smell wonderful, the towel feels soft and clean, and you can finish your post-shower ritual while you’re still warm.

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How often should you wash your towel?


More than a million people in the UK only wash their bath towels once a year, according to new research from bathroom experts at ‘Showers to You’.

This is despite the fact that freshly laundered towels contain 190,000 bacteria, which increases to 17 million after just one day of use and up to 94 million after a week.

Although recommendations state that towels should be washed after three uses, 3% of UK residents surveyed by Showers to You (or almost two million people) only wash their bath towels once a year.

The study also revealed that “more than 4 million UK residents, or 8% of those surveyed, only wash their bath towels twice a year.” Men “were five times more likely to clean their bathroom towels only once a year,” and in the study 5% of men surveyed confessed to doing so, compared to 1% of women.

The survey found that more than 17 million people, a staggering third of the UK population, “wash their bath towels only once every three months.” And if you’re wondering which cities in the UK are the least hygienic when it comes to towels, according to research, those residing in Leicester and Glasgow are the worst.

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They are “the most likely to go the longest without washing their bathroom towels, with more than four in 10 (41%) in both cities admitting they only wash their towels once every three months at most.” Oh!

However, Health Line recommends washing towels frequently, as “towels absorb a lot of water and stay wet for hours, which is the perfect breeding ground for unwanted germs.” For this reason, towels should be washed after three uses.

How exactly do you wash and dry towels?


Dry towels on high heat after washing in hot water with detergent. Reynolds says this is the most effective environment for reducing germ and mold levels.

Reynolds advises selecting a detergent with enzymes, which are essentially detergent superpowers created to dissolve dirt and kill germs. (The detergent’s stain-fighting enzymes are frequently mentioned on the front label.) A new product may irritate people with sensitive skin. Stop using it if you start to notice it.

Additionally, detergents like All Free Clear that do not include dyes or fragrances and incorporate enzymes in their formulation can be kinder to the skin.

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