Family to the rescue! Chinese man wins Rs 90 Cr after using family birth dates as lottery numbers

Who would have thought that remembering your family’s birthdays could work so well? A migrant worker in China thanked his wife and his three children after his birthday digits helped him win a lottery jackpot worth 77 million yuan (almost Rs 90 Cr).

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China man wins Rs 90 Cr lottery with family birth dates

Chinese man wins 90 Cr lottery with family birth datesSCMP

The lucky man from Hangzhou, located in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, went to the store and bought 15 lottery tickets for 30 yuan (Rs. 340) earlier this month.

On his tickets, the man bet on the same set of numbers handpicked from his family’s birth dates. Things got better when, on July 11, the provincial public welfare lottery authority announced the lottery numbers.

According to the announcement, Wu discovered that each of his lottery tickets had won the first prize of 5.14 million yuan (more than 5 million rupees). This meant that Wu had received a total of 77.1 million yuan (88 crore rupees).

The man was proud of his choice to base the numbers on his family.

This amount was reportedly the highest lottery price anyone in Zhejiang had ever witnessed. Wu also expressed his pride in the numbers that helped him win the lottery.

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Wu explained that it was not the first time he had used his family as a reference to fill in his lottery numbers. Since the beginning of this year, the man said that he had been using this set of numbers to win a lottery: “This series of numbers includes the dates of birth of my wife and my children.”

He admitted: “I’ve been using them in my bets since the beginning of this year and had a feeling they would suit me recently. That’s why I bought so many betting slips using the same set of figures.”

The award winner thanked his family for bringing him luck and revered the love they share. Even until recently, Wu had been separated from his family. The 30-year-old works and lives in Hangzhou, while his wife and children live in another city.

Wu shared how she used her family’s birth dates because she missed them while living in a different city than theirs. He said that he had been buying lottery tickets since 2009. However, instead of telling him to stop, his family supported his hobby as long as it was reasonable.

He shared how, in addition to telling his family the incredible news, he had warned them not to waste all the money they had earned.

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