Who is NG Kok Song’s wife, Mrs. Sybil Lau? Age difference and commitment

Information about Mrs. Sybil Lau, the future wife of NG Kok Song, will be added to this article. Follow for more information. A well-known person in the Singapore financial community is Ng Kok Song. He is well known for his previous role as chief investment officer at GIC (Government Investment Corporation of Singapore), Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund. After joining GIC in 1986, Ng Kok Song rose to the role of chief investment officer in 2007 and guided the fund through various financial crises. In 2013, after 27 years of service, he left GIC. He continues reading the article.

Who is NG Kok Song’s wife, Mrs. Sybil Lau?

Ms. Sybil Lau, a Canadian-born Singaporean citizen, is engaged to Ng Kok Song. She is 45 years old and has been guarding her family’s wealth since 2009, according to her LinkedIn page. After earning her degree from Simon Fraser University, Sybil Lau previously worked for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst. She presides over her family’s wealth management and is a member of various boards. Most notably, she Sybil Lau serves as an impartial director of WELL Health Technologies Corp, the largest operator of outpatient clinics in Canada. She is also on the board of directors of SG Enable, Singapore’s leading disability advocacy organization, and the Ray Dalio family office in Singapore.

NG Kok song wife

Your involvement in these organizations shows your wide range of interests and dedication to various industries. Sybil Lau frequently advises large Asian family offices on charitable endeavors as she is passionate about philanthropy. She has donated last-mile funds for programs during the Covid-19 outbreak and has volunteered with community organizations and food distributions. Her commitment to social causes demonstrates her desire to have a positive influence on society. Reports indicate that Sybil Lau has known the widower Ng Kok Song for around four years. In 2005, Kok Song’s late wife passed away, leaving behind three children. Ng Kok Song and Sybil Lau believed they were fit despite being 30 years apart in age, and Ng Kok Song’s children gave their blessings.

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