Four common mistakes that are killing your cell phone battery

Proper battery care could prolong the life of your cell phone, not only is it about how cumbersome it can become to have to charge your phone more than once a day, staying connected also means having to change devices sooner. . than expected.

Technology experts recommend establishing healthy routines when charging your cell phone battery, although it is true that mobile phones have an average useful life of about 2 years and it is not until after about 300 or 500 charging cycles that the battery begins to wear out. lose performance.

Errors that reduce the performance of your cell phone battery

  • Do not remove the protector: very few people are careful to remove the protector from their cell phone when charging it and this causes the device to overheat since it retains heat and does not allow adequate heat distribution.
  • Charging your cell phone through the computer: while it is true that connecting your phone to the USB port of your computer while you work is very practical, it risks the useful life of the battery since the currents from the USB ports can be unstable and end up overheating the device. mobile.

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  • Let it discharge completely: according to experts, they recommend charging your phone when it still has a minimum of 20 or even 10% battery, if it discharges completely it can damage its operation.
  • Not using an original charger: many believe that this aspect is irrelevant, but we often find testimonies from people who say that their cell phone battery catches fire; this type of damage is due to the use of generic chargers since they do not meet the specifications. that mobile devices demand.
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