George Santos: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Religion, Elections, False Claims

George Santos: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Religion, Sexuality, US Elections, False Claims, Education, Background, birthday, partner, husband, wife, address, birthplace: George Santos is an American Politician who has recently been elected to represent New York’s 3rd Congressional district and is going to assume office from 3rd January 2023. He is the first-ever openly gay Member of the Parliament. However, he has been in the headlines for quite some time now as he admits to lying about his educational and employment background weeks after his election. He also lied about his being of Jewish descent and about his property ownership. Keep reading this article to know more about his life and other personal details.

George Santos Birthday, Age, Zodiac, Birthplace

George Santos was born on 22nd July in the year 1988. He is currently 34 years old. He was born and brought up in New York, in the United States however he claimed his parents to be immigrants. Born on 22nd July his Sun sign or Zodiac sign is Cancer.

George Santos Parents, Family, False Background

George has claimed a very interesting family history. His maternal great-grandfather was born in Belgium and later moved and settled in Brazil. He claimed that his maternal grandparents were Ukrainian Jews and they fled from Belgium to Brazil in order to escape the Holocaust during World War II. His parents were born in Brazil and he is the first-generation American in his family. However, there are many contradictions to his claims. Genealogical reports have shown that there is no Ukrainian connection in the past 3 generations nor any relation with the Holocaust or Jewish Heritage. George also claimed that his father is of Angolan roots.

George Santos

Gorge claimed that his mother worked as a Domestic Worker or home care nurse at the World Trade Centre and survived the September 11 attacks. While in some places he claimed that he comes from an affluent family of Business owners but in some other claims he says that he is from Abject Poverty, and a priest claimed that the Georges’ couldn’t afford a funeral after his mother’s death. He does not appear to have any siblings.

George Santos Education, University, False Claims

George Santos didn’t graduate from a local high school but has a high school equivalency diploma. After that, he moved to Brazil and stayed there for quite some time. During that time he stole a checkbook from a person in Brazil who was cared for by his mother and used to write fraudulent checks. He confessed and was later charged with check Fraud, but he didn’t appear for the court summons and the case remains unresolved. George claimed to have a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from Baruch College, and also a Master of Business Administration degree from New York University but none of the colleges have any record of his attendance. After his election, he confessed that he has lied in his resume and justified it by saying that everyone does some stupid things in their life.

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George Santos Career, Controversial Claims

Santos has extensively lied about his background for a long time. George worked as a customer service representative at a call center for Dish Network in College Point, Queens. During this time, he lied to his co-workers that his family was affluent and they owned 13 rental properties in New York. However, there has been no proof of those properties anywhere.A 2013 Rio De Janeiro court notice of embezzlement charges against Santos describes him as an American Teacher, 25 and single. There has been a record where an acquaintance of his lend him several thousand dollars which he needed to move in with his boyfriend and also claimed that he is an NYU business school student. However, Santos later refused to pay back the money and claimed that it was a gift but the court overruled and he has to pay the money back with interest which is still pending as of 2022. He claimed himself to be the founder of “Friends of Pets United” which he described as a charity for animals but the organizer of the rescue said that George has never donated to the proceeds. George claimed to have worked with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs but neither of the company has any records of him.

George Santos

He said he worked for MetGlobal and also for LinkBridge Investors where he became a vice president later on. He then became a regional director at harbor city capital which was a firm accused of running a 17-million-dollar Ponzi scheme. Thankfully, Santos was not named in the lawsuit and he also denied having any knowledge of the fraud.

George Santos Devolder Organization

George claimed to have owned a family-owned company that managed 80 million in assets called the Devolder Organization which was a capital introduction consulting firm. Even though his company was based in New York it was registered in Florida. Several doubts started arising when he lent his campaign more than 7 million dollars and received a salary of 7.5 million even though the estimated value of his company is in the same range. However, his company was dissolved in 2022 when it couldn’t show any proper reports or list of any clients using the company’s services. Later on, The Times Magazine said that the dissolution of his company might be problematic in case any clients exist.

But right after this article by the Times, George re-registered his company in Florida and declared himself as the registered agent which is only possible if he lived in Florida. Also, the company’s mailing address was given to a couple’s apartment in Meritt Island. Overall the company is a huge mystery and many of his claims are false. In one of his interviews, Santos said that during the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Florida he lost 4 of his employees. However, when it was proved that none of the victims have any connection to any of his companies, he said that those 4 people were supposed to work for him in a company that he was going to establish.

George Santos

George Santos Political Career, US House Election

Santos ran as a Republican for the United States House of Representatives in New York’s 3rd Congressional district against Democratic representative Thomas Suozzi. However, he lost the elections. Even though he initially showed his support for President Donald Trump, he immediately changed his opinions about him after the Capitol Attack. He even said that Joe Biden won the elections fairly. During the 2022 elections, he fought for the same congressional district against Zimmerman, and for the first time two openly LGBTQ candidates competed against each other.

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During the campaign, he raised a lot of funds for his campaigns through several methods and fraudulent activities. He used the campaign money to pay for shirts for staff from Brooks Brothers, meals at the restaurant at the Bergdorf Goodman department store, airline fare, and in a stay at The Bakers. George defeated Zimmerman by a narrow margin in the 2022 House Elections and became the first openly gay non-incumbent Republican elected to Congress. However, after his election, several claims about his background, education, religion, and opinions appeared to be false. He denied some of them but mostly justified himself saying that it was just a wrong choice of words.

George Santos

George Santos Religion, Nationality

George claimed that his maternal side was Ukrainian Jews. But genealogical records show that in the past three generations there has been no connection between his great-grandparents and Ukraine. Even the claim of his family members being Jews might be false but is still under speculation. George often claimed that his mother’s Jewish beliefs are his, and also said that he is a “proud American Jew” but later denied his claims saying that he is not a Jew. Post to this, the Jewish community who initially supported him and his campaign barred him from joining any of their festive events. George claimed that his parents were from Brazil, and he also stayed in Brazil for some time and hence has a dual nationality of both Brazilian and American. However, his claims are not proved yet.

George Santos Adress, Contradictions

Just like everything else George also lied about his residence. During the 2020 elections, he claimed his house to be in Elmhurst, Queens. He later moved in with his husband to a rowhouse in Whitestone, Queens. In 2021 he claimed that their house has been subject to Vandalism and that he had to inform the Police. However, there were no records found about any such police case, and also his landlady or any of the occupants didn’t recall any such event. In March 2022, he claimed that he has moved out of Whitestone, Queens but 7 months later he was still living there.

He had been previously evicted from rented Queens Properties due to failure to pay rent. Santos justified that by saying that after his mother’s death, his family was in financial dismay and he simply forgot to pay the rent. He initially registered to vote in Florida but later re-registered in New York. His current landlord said that he moved out of his property in August 2022 with 17,000 dollars worth of damage unresolved. But he was still registered to the same address after that and kept receiving mail including his election victory mail. He and his husband later moved to Huntington.

George Santos Sexuality, Marriage

George Santos initially dated a woman, Uadla Santos Vieira Santos, and later married her in 2012. The couple later divorced in 2019. However, after that, he had been dating his current Husband for a long time and claims that he is Homosexual. When he disclosed his marriage to a woman in 2022, several people started questioning his sexuality and thought that it might be a lie just like everything else he has said or stated. However, George said, “Ok with my Sexuality. People change”. His current partner or Fiance is Mar-a-Lago.

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George Santos Height, Weight, Net Worth, Nationality

Santos is 6 feet 3 inches tall which is equivalent to 1.91 meters or 191 centimeters. His weight is not known but he appears to be slightly heavy-weight. He has an American nationality and might also have a Brazilian nationality but that is not proven yet. His net Worth is around 11 million dollars. He has black eyes and dark brown hair.

Here is a full bio of George Santos, his age, birthday, birthplace, zodiac, nationality, ethnicity, religion, caste, address, parents, father, mother, siblings, sister, brother, relationship status, boyfriend, husband, wife, children, career, hobbies, height, weight, body measurements, eye color, hair color, nickname, net worth and more.

George Information Table

Name George Anthony Devolder Santos
Nickname N/A
Gender Male
Profession Businessman, Politician
Height (approx.) in centimeters – 191cm

meters – 1.91m

feet inches – 6ft 3in

Weight (approx.) N/A
Figure Measurements Not Available
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Date of Birth 22 July 1988
Age (as of 2022) 34 years
Birth Place Queens, New York, United States
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Cancer
Nationality American, Brazilian(unconfirmed)
Hometown New York
School high school equivalency diploma
College/University Not Available
Educational Qualification High School
Religion Christianity or Jewish(unconfirmed)
Ethnicity Mixed
Caste Not Available
Address Huntington, United States
Hobbies/Interests N/A
Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends N/A
Sexuality Homosexual (still under speculation)
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Husband/Wife/Spouse Uadla Santos Vieira Santos(divorced)

Mar-a-Lago (current)

Children N/A
Net Worth $11 million

Social Media Accounts of the Gay Republican




George Santos

Lesser Known Facts About The Politician

  • His educational background details are proven to be fake.
  • He claimed his grandparents escaped from the holocaust but it was proved to be false.
  • He claimed to be openly gay and proud of his sexuality, but post to his elections it was proved that he was earlier married to a woman until 2019.
  • He claimed to follow both the Jewish and Catholic belief systems, but there was no proof of his Jewish Heritage.
  • He initially was a supporter of Donald Trump and also participated in his voting Campaign but later said that Joe Biden’s victory is fair and square.
  • He claimed to have worked with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs but there are no employment records of him in the companies.

FAQs on George

1) What is his age?

He is currently 34 years old.

2) Is he gay or is it fake?

He claims to be gay and is married to his husband, “Mar-a-Lago”.But he recently revealed that he had been married to a woman till 2019 and hence several doubts have arisen.

3) Who was his opponent in the 2022 US House Elections?

His opponent was Zimmerman, who is a Democrat and a member of the LGBTQ community.


4)Who is his current Husband?

He is currently married to “Mar-a-Lago”.

5)Did he actually lie about his educational details?

Yes, he lied about his educational details before the election. But after the election, he claimed that he has never been to any higher studies institution.

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