Georgina Beyer Cause of Death: World’s First Openly Transgender MP Dies

The news of Georgina Beyer’s death has shocked all social media and people are constantly searching for her passing. With her great work, she has established her name very well and that is why the whole world is mourning her passing away. We know that it is not easy to accept the news of the death of a person who left a great impact on society and tried to normalize things that were previously taboo. Although things can never change overnight, at least people can try to change something, this late politician did and that is why she was quite a respectable personality in the society.

Georgina Beyer’s cause of death explained

Millions of people want to know the cause, as well as an obituary of his passing. There are many people speculating that Trailblazing NZ Transgender MP has died due to illness. Reports indicate that she passed away on Monday March 6, 2023 and at the time of her death she was 65 years old. The news of his death is currently trending on social media platforms and people are circulating it among themselves. The late politician was a famous personality and Member of Parliament for the New Zealand Labor Party.

Georgina Beyer Cause of death

The report notes that the politician was elected to lead Carterton in 1995, made history by being the first openly transgender mayor in the world. She is elected as the world’s first openly transgender member of parliament in the year 2005. Other than that, she was one of the few tallest former sex workers to hold political office. Before deciding to pursue her career in politics, she used to work as a sex worker and used to perform in nightclubs. However, in the year 1995, she was selected as the mayor of Carteron, which is a small town in the North Island.

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Georgina Beyer Cause of death

After 4 years, she bagged the national parliament for the Liberal Labor Party and served as an MP until 2007. New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins conceded that he did not know the late personality personally, but was already aware of its great popularity. there and her profound influence on the national legislature. Now, her followers are quite saddened by her passing and they want to know the reason for her passing. However, Georgina Beyer’s passing has not been made public by her friend, family and staff at her hospital.

According to his friends, he was reportedly quietly under medical attention. However, he had previously suffered from kidney failure and received a kidney transplant in the year 2017. People speculate that this is the actual cause of death for him, but whether he died from this issue or another is not yet stated. stuff.

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