Google launches AI search tool with Hindi and English capabilities

Google just launched its generative AI feature for search in India and Japan! Initially available only in the US, this nifty feature can now display visual or text responses to your queries, including summaries.

So whether you’re shopping or just curious, Google’s AI-enhanced Search has you covered.

For the people of Japan, you are in luck; This feature will be available in local languages. And in India, users can choose between English and Hindi. What do you think about accessibility?

But wait, don’t confuse this with Google’s Bard chatbot. While Bard can have human-like conversations and even generate software code (pretty cool, right?), this AI search function is primarily for finding information. Think of it as your super-smart, quick-response digital assistant.

And in the search engine showdown, Google’s artificial intelligence search goes head-to-head with Microsoft’s Bing. So, the next time you are in India or Japan and launch Google Search, don’t forget to enable this feature. It could make your life a lot easier!

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