Gunman on parole for attempted murder crashes car into Uber at about 100 mph, killing 3 women: officials

A California gang member on parole for attempted murder was speeding up to 100 mph when he crashed his Mercedes-Benz into an Uber, killing two sisters and a friend who was coming home from a concert, authorities say.

Gregory Black, 31, allegedly ran several red lights in Los Angeles early Saturday morning before colliding with the Honda rideshare, which was struck so hard it spun five times before coming to a stop, police said.

The videos showed the “known gang member” effectively “playing roulette” speeding up to 100 mph in a 35 mph zone, Detective Ryan Moreno said at a news conference Wednesday.

“Just looking at all the victims, it looked like a bomb had gone off,” Moren said.

“When you see these videos, it’s obvious that this is a vehicular homicide.”

Sisters Kimberly Izquierdo, 27, and Verónica Amezola, 23, died in the accident, along with their friend Juvelyn Arroyo, 23, who were returning home after a concert, according to Fox Los Angeles.

At least one of the women was thrown from the car and was found on the street. The driver and a front passenger, neither of whom were identified, were injured and are recovering, Los Angeles police said.

Sisters Kimberly Izquierdo, 27, and Verónica Amezola, 23, died when their Uber was hit by a speeding car.GoFundMe
Juvelyn Arroyo, 23, pictured.Juvelyn Arroyo, 23, a friend of the sisters, also died in the accident.GoFundMe

Black suffered a broken ankle and other minor injuries, and was found with a loaded gun in the car, police said.

He already has 11 felony bookings and three felony convictions, and was on probation for attempted murder, Moreno said in announcing new charges for three counts of felony vehicular manslaughter.

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“Sir. The black is going to prison,” Moreno said.

The photo shows the scene of the accident.A surveillance camera captured the violent collision.KTLA

“He has an extensive criminal history. I am 100% sure he will go to prison. This man should never go out and see the light of day.”

Black and four other people were charged with murder related to a May 20, 2020, drive-by shooting in Los Angeles County, The Orange County Register reported.

The murder charges were eventually dropped in 2021, and alleged accomplices Kenneth Bragg and Catrina Briggs-Bradley pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter.

Briggs-Bradley was sentenced to 12 years in state prison, and Bragg received a 21-year sentence.

The photo shows the remains of the Mercedes.The white Mercedes-Benz was traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph, police said.FOX 11 Los Angeles

Black, however, pleaded no contest to an attempted murder charge and was granted only five years of probation, court records show.

Along with the latest charges, Black also faces two or more prior felony convictions and aggravated circumstances of serious bodily injury.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to messages Thursday about why Black was only granted probation for the attempted murder.

Investigators are still trying to determine if alcohol or drugs played a role in the deadly weekend crash.

“It’s almost worse than there is no alcohol or DUI at all,” Moreno told reporters.

The photo shows the remains of the Uber.The Uber spun five times as a result of the violent collision.FOX 11 Los Angeles

“Are you really sober and you drive that sober? Who will get behind the wheel and drive 100 mph and run red lights?

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A devastated brother of the two dead sisters said he could not accept their loss.

“I still have the feeling that they are going to walk through the door and it will always be there,” José Izquierdo told NBC Los Angeles.

“The three girls were jewels. My sisters were the perfect daughters. They were the perfect sisters. They were perfect.”

The brother said his parents were too heartbroken to comment on the loss.

“They are like any other father in this world,” Izquierdo told the outlet. “That is what you fear. Again, when you bring a child into this world, you gain that fear and he is devastated. His world is dark ”.

Kimberly had just graduated from nursing school, while her sister, who was interested in environmental science, recently got a job at an animal shelter, KTLA reported.

“This was another night where they went out together and were responsible and not driving. [They were] trying to come home, and that was a time when they didn’t come home,” Izquierdo told the outlet.

“I really wish Kimberly, Veronica and Juvelyn could see how much love they left here, that they still have here, that they will always have here,” he added.

GoFundMe accounts were set up to help cover funeral expenses for the sisters and Arroyo.

Black was being held in the Los Angeles County Jail on $4 million bail; his next court date is September 5th.

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