HD Kumaraswamy Net Worth, Biography, Family, Health, Age, Hospital

Check out details about HD Kumaraswamy’s net worth, biography, family, health, age and hospital in this article. Various details about HD Kumaraswamy net worth, biography, family, health, age, hospital and other important details are included in this article.

HD Kumaraswamy Net Worth

HD Kumaraswamy is the former Chief Minister of Karnataka and the current member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Kumaraswamy served as Chief Minister from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2018 to 2019.

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HD Kumaraswamy reportedly has a net worth of around INR 112.76 CRORE. Furthermore, Kumaraswamy has assets valued at approximately INR 189 crore and liabilities valued at approximately INR 76 crore. Apart from being an influential politician, Kumaraswamy is also a businessman and film producer.

HD Kumaraswamy Biography Overview

Name HD Kumaraswamy
Full name Haradanahalli Deve Gowda Kumaraswamy
birthdate December 16, 1959
Father HD Deve Gowda
Mother Chennamma Deve Gowda
number of children 2 (Nikhil and Shamika)
Profession Politician, businessman, producer
Assets INR 189 crores
Party Janata Dal (Secular)
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Kumaraswamy HD Biography

HD Kumaraswamy was born on December 16, 1959 in the state of Mysore. In 1996, Kumaraswamy entered politics by contesting the general elections. Kumaraswamy fought and won from Kanakapura constituency.

On 3 February 2006, Kumaraswamy took charge as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. On the other hand, on May 23, 2018, Kumaraswamy took charge as the chief minister. However, some of the MLAs from his party and the Congress Party resigned, shifting the balance in the majority. Due to this, Kumaraswamy had to resign from the CM post.

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HD Kumaraswamy Age

HD Kumaraswamy is around 63 years old. Kumaraswamy completed his initial studies at a public school in his hometown and his secondary school at MES Educational Institution. After that, HD Kumaraswamy earned a bachelor’s degree in science. at the Basavanagudi National College.

Kumaraswamy has remained an active politician since 1996 and won most of the elections. In the 2009 general election, Kumaraswamy performed exceptionally, winning by a margin of 1,30,275 votes from the Bangalore Rural Constituency.

HD Kumaraswamy Family

Kumaraswamy’s father, HD Deve Gowda, was the former Prime Minister of India. Kumaraswamy’s mother is Chennamma. Kumaraswamy married Anitha Kumaraswamy in 1986 and had a son, Nikhil. Nikhil is also a politician like his father.

According to information, Kumaraswamy married Radhika Kumaraswamy in 2006 and had a daughter named Shamika. Kumaraswamy has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. One of his brothers, HD Revanna, is also a politician.

HD Kumaraswamy Career

Since 1996, Kumaraswamy has held several important positions, including Chief Minister and member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Over the years, Kumaraswamy has fought from different constituencies including Kanakapura, Sathanur, Ramanagara and Channapatna.

Although Kumaraswamy has won elections many times with a wide margin of votes, he suffered a heavy defeat in 1998 when he lost the constituency to MV Chandrashekara Murthy. However, Kumaraswamy continued to participate in the elections and significantly improved his electoral performance. Since the 2004 Legislative Assembly elections, Kumaraswamy has not lost any constituency.

In the newly organized elections, Kumaraswamy won by a margin of 15,915 votes in the Channapatna constituency. Kumaraswamy’s son also fought in the Ramanagara constituency; however, he couldn’t beat the congressional candidate.

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Apart from this, Kumaraswamy has produced several films such as Chandra Chakori, Surya Vamsha, Jaguar and several others. Kumaraswamy founded a film production company, Chennambika Films, which he named after his mother.

Furthermore, in 2007, Kumaraswamy also established a television channel, Kasturi, which is now run by his wife Anitha. Over the years, Kumaraswamy became a part of various controversies such as the bigamy charges, the Janthakal mining scam, the Vishwabharati case, and several others.

HD Kumaraswamy Health

On August 30, Kumaraswamy suffered a minor stroke and was admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru. Kumaraswamy was taken to the hospital at 3:40 am on August 30. When Kumaraswamy was taken to the hospital, he was suffering from weakness and discomfort.

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However, the team of doctors at the hospital reported that Kumaraswamy is now stable and responding well to the treatment he has been given. Kumaraswamy previously underwent heart surgeries twice and is a diabetic.

HD Kumaraswamy Hospital

When Kumaraswamy suffered a minor stroke, he was immediately rushed to Apollo Hospital in Jayanagar. After being taken to the hospital, Kumaraswamy was treated under the care of Dr. P. Satishchandra.

The current CM of Karnataka is expected to visit Kumaraswamy at Apollo Hospital on August 24. According to information, CMO officials gave timely updates on Kumaraswamy’s health to Siddaramaiah.

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