Heartbroken Father’s WhatsApp Status Goes Viral After Daughter Forgets To Buy Fruit, Swiggy Responds

In this age of rapid communication and Internet shopping, even the smallest mistake can have far-reaching emotional implications. Such was the case when a father’s sad WhatsApp status about his daughter forgetting to buy fruit through Instamart resonated with netizens and caught the attention of Swiggy, a renowned food delivery service. Swiggy’s candid reaction highlighted the power of empathy and the impact of seemingly insignificant acts.

Because the daughter forgot to order fruits online, which made her father feel bad, she put a status on his WhatsApp, and that has now broken the internet, with some people laughing and others taking it seriously.

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Father puts emotional WhatsApp status after daughter forgot to order fruit online

Dad asked me to order fruit from instamart and I forgot. This is his whatsapp status now 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/vC3tbVFiCx

—isHaHaHa (@hajarkagalwa) May 17, 2023

Isha shared the screenshot on her Twitter account with the caption, “Dad asked me to order fruit from Instamart and I forgot. This is his WhatsApp status now 😭😭.”

Swiggy, known for his fun and engaging social media presence, found out about Isha’s father’s WhatsApp status when it went viral. This narrative inspired Swiggy’s social media team, who responded with a gesture that shocked people across the internet.

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Instamart reacts to a man's emotional WhatsApp state after his daughter forgot to order fruit through the serviceTwitter/@hajarkagalwa

The tweet included a screenshot of his father’s WhatsApp status, showing a father and son walking into the sunset, with a quote below reading: “Duniya se kya shikayat kare janaab, hamari to apni aulaad hi humara saath nahi deti”, said the heartfelt quote. .

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this viral post

Since the post caught the attention of users, it has garnered more than 318,200 views, 395 retweets, 66 citations, 6,771 likes, and 146 bookmarks. The tweet drew attention online, as social media users roared with laughter in the comment area.

Swiggy Cares responded to the post first with a fun emoji, and then Swiggy Instamart also responded by saying, “I’m sending you badam so you don’t forget next time.” Swiggy even recommended something for his WhatsApp status after he ordered the fruits.

I send you badam so you don’t forget next time 😡

—Swiggy Instamart (@SwiggyInstamart) May 18, 2023

it’s time to order the fruits and put this as your whatsapp status 🤭 pic.twitter.com/IYqTwApkSo

—Swiggy (@Swiggy) May 18, 2023

One user commented, “I love how parents can be so dramatic.”

Another called him “wild father.”

I love how parents get so dramatic 🤣🤣🥰🥰

— B_O (Taylor’s version) (@french_friiiess) May 17, 2023

Some more interesting comments are given below:

– nishtha 🧋 (@NISHTHANAGPAL64) May 17, 2023— Viking_NJ (@Neerajkuwar) May 18, 2023

Now use swiggy or Zomato to order their favorite food to make them happy 😊

— Chahat Dwivedi 🇮🇳 (@DwivediChahat) May 18, 2023

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