‘Hi Kayla’ original video: this was the ‘live’ video she performed and it went viral on Twitter

The video known as ‘Hi Kayla’ has circulated social networks in recent days, this because explicit images are regrettably shown.

The original video for ‘Hi Kayla’ is one that has circulated in recent hours on social networks, this after things got out of control during a live on Instagram.

The ‘live’ was started by Kayla Nicole Jones, a content creator who went viral a few years ago and many even use her as a meme. She currently has 7 million followers on her Instagram account.

Kayla Nicole Jones meme. Photo: Social Networks

The whole controversy started when Kayla did an Instagram live, as time went by, she invited the content creator ‘Lovely Peaches’, who describes herself professionally as a pop singer.

The live took an unexpected turn when Peaches enters the live and after saying hello for a few seconds, she begins to show the private parts of her body, which causes Kayla to start screaming repeatedly.

While this came as a surprise to Kayla, many criticized the fact that she let it pass for several seconds and didn’t stop her live video.

The moment was recorded by several followers and the publication is currently circulating on the Internet and has gone viral for audiences in the United States, taking into account that both are originally from the North American country.

Where to watch the original video for ‘Hi Kayla’?

Adult and uncensored recording is not easy to find on social networks, this is because this content is usually censored and accounts can be suspended if the information is published.

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Some accounts have taken the risk of publishing the recording on X (formerly Twitter), however, discretion is recommended with the images.

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