How did Dave Wills die? He dies Tampa Bay Rays radio host at 58

Following the news of the passing of veteran radio host Mark Pilgrim, we share another Dave Wills flash. He was also a radio host and now the radio community is totally devastated after hearing back to back news about deaths. The wave of mourning is spreading all over the media and fans are trying to accept this news and express their grief by paying tribute to him and sending their words of comfort to his family. The news of his death also appeared on Sunday March 5, 2023. He was a radio host for a long time and at the time of his death he was 58 years old.

dave wills

Dave Wills cause of death

His passing notice is officially confirmed by the Rays. He joined Rays in 2005 and has been with them ever since. He has been the voice of the season, paired with his partner Andy Freed to serve in alternating play-by-play/color roles since all 18 seasons. Fans are totally devastated by this news and they want to know the cause of the disappearance. There have been several searches about it and people pay tribute to him and send their condolences to his family. There are many people who also want to know the details of his last rites.

dave wills

Stuart Sternberg, the principal owner of the Rays, states that “Dave was a brilliant and wonderful broadcaster and broadcaster, a great friend and a better human being. He had a wonderful and remarkable talent for bringing the game to life for our fans and he was an important part of our family. We know that no one can take his place and for that we will miss him very much. We understand the pain of his family and that is why we send our prayers and deep thoughts to his family and his loved ones at this difficult time.”

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dave wills

Most of her fans are also shocked and depressed. He was a citizen of Chicago. Prior to working as a radio host, he was a baseball coach serving at Elmhurst College and the University of Chicago before taking play-by-play duties with the Kane County Cougars from 1991 to 1995. Other than that, the The game’s radio broadcast schedule that was supposed to take place today between the Orioles and Rays would not take place and the Rays will honor Wills with a special pregame tribute. As always, the details of the last rites are not known and we are not aware of his passing. As of now, we are praying for the rest of his soul.

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