Who is Victoria Long’s husband Dennis Long? Strongman wins the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic

Gone are the days when people hide their sexuality and avoid talking about it. Because of the immense support from the world, they are coming up and accepting their sexuality without question. However, the world does not fully accept them, but most countries allow them to live the way they want. Although the fight is not over yet and some people are still bullying them for their sexuality, many laws have been created that help them gain their space in this patriarchal society. However, there are still many things to change and it will surely take a long time.

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Who is Victoria Long’s husband Dennis Long?

But still, many famous personalities are trying to increase the courage of those people who still feel shy or afraid to accept themselves and forcefully live that life that they do not want to live, but under the pressure of society they are simply ruining their lives. elections. . There are plenty of gay couples in entertainment, as well as other famous industries that motivate other members of the LGBTQ community. People are currently searching for Victoria Long’s husband and want to know about the couple’s sexuality.

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Who is Victoria Long?

There are many people who are looking for this and want to know the details of it. Our sources claim that Victoria Long is an American powerlifter who has typically participated in strong women’s competitions. Hailing from Melrose, Minnesota, she is the Arnold Pro Champion which she earned in 2022 and also registered her name as America’s Strongest Woman. Other than that, she has made several records including Block Press World Record Holder and Natural Stone World Record Holder. In the year 2019, she married the strong partner of hers, Dennis Long.

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long win

Now, people are looking to know about her husband. Like his wife, Dennis is also a powerlifter who participates in many strongman contests. The duo dated for many years before deciding to spend their entire lives together. Victoria is totally in love with her husband and that is why she has carved a tattoo of “Dennis” on her chest which shows how much she loves her husband. Other than that, this couple often shares their photos together on their social media accounts, and people love seeing them together.

Her husband has been in many powerlifting competitions over the years and recently participated in a competition for the 50+ age group. As of now, he has retired from strongman games and is aiming for his wife’s career which started in the year 2019. Both Victoria and Dennis are available on Instagram. People can find her account on Instagram by searching @strongmandl and those who want to find Victoria can search @onestrongb.

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