How did Tony Duncan Ochonjo die? Tributes flowing after the death of the Kenyan actor

Another day and another passing news. It is quite sad to start our day with the news of someone passing away. However, such news has made us think that nothing is permanent in this world, so it is better to help make a society to live rather than disturb others. Well, it’s not easy to avoid the illusion that one day we will die and so people forget this bitter truth and go on living a life that is not even in our hands. Our destiny may be in our hands, but when we are going to die it is not in our hands, only the Almighty knows how long we are on this earth.

Cause of death of Tony Duncan Ochonjo

Now speaking of the reason for writing this news, we found out one more passing news that we are sharing with our readers. This time the deceased is identified as Tony Duncan whose loved ones are utterly devastated by his sudden departure. Tony was not a name, in fact, he was quite popular in the South African entertainment industry and that is why the news of his death is drawing a lot of attention. He was a prolific and dedicated actor who was quite active in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Tony Duncan Ochonjo

Although he left everyone on Thursday May 11, 2023 around 02:00 am, and within seconds this news went viral in South Africa. Her fans are currently in shock since they heard this news, initially, they thought that this news was fake or a rumor, but later after various verified news websites started covering this news, they were shocked. His fans saw him in a comedy show titled “Nyakochia” which premiered every Friday in a luo on Ramogi TV, but now from today they won’t be able to watch him again. This news is nothing less than a trauma for the fans of him and they are still in shock and want this news to be fake.

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Tony Duncan Ochonjo

After the death of Tony Duncan Ochonjo, his followers, fans and Internet users seek to read his obituary to find out the cause of his death. Some seek to know the details of his last rites in order to pay him his last homage. Well, the actor’s obituary and burial date have not yet been revealed by his family members. As of now, his family wants some privacy and we are respecting his feelings and waiting for the right time to talk.

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