How many children does Ana Bárbara have? Learn more about the singer’s family.

The Mexican singer Ana Bárbara is one of the most successful artists of the grupero genre. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Ana Bárbara has managed to conquer the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

How many children does Ana Bárbara have? It is always one of the frequently asked questions that her followers ask.

The singer has had a personal life marked by ups and downs. The singer has been married three times and has six children, three by blood and three adopted.

  • His biological children:
    • Emiliano Gallardo Ugalde, born in 2000, is the result of his relationship with businessman Edgar Gallardo.
    • José María Fernández Ugalde, born in 2006, is the result of his relationship with businessman José María Fernández “El Pirru”.
    • Jerónimo was born on December 21, 2011, son of the singer Reyli Barba.

Blood children of Ana Bárbara.

  • His adopted children son:
    • Paula Levy, born in 1997, is the daughter of the late actress Mariana Levy.
    • José Emilio Fernández Levy, born in 1999, is the son of the late actress Mariana Levy.

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Children of Mariana Levy with Ana Bárbara.Adopted children of Ana Bárbara.

artistic career

Ana Bárbara began her artistic career in the 1990s. Her first album, “Ana Bárbara”, was released in 1994 and was a commercial success. Since then, Ana Bárbara has released 14 studio albums, all of them successful.

Likewise, Ana Bárbara is known for her powerful voice and her musical style, which combines elements of grupera, ranchera and pop music. The singer has won numerous awards, including two Latin Grammy Awards.

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Who is the son and what do Ana Bárbara's children do?  (PHOTOS)Ana Barbara.

Today, singers continue to be active in music. In 2023, she released her new album, “La Reina Grupera”, which includes the hits “La Trapa” and “Te Quiero”. The singer is also on tour in Mexico and the United States.

It should be remembered that she is a successful artist and a dedicated mother. The singer has managed to overcome the obstacles in her personal life and build a solid artistic career.

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