How to keep car tires ready for summer

Between July and August, many people take road trips because they have time on their hands and want to get away, relax, and spend time with family and friends. Therefore, to avoid scares that could ruin your vacation, it is important to check your car before traveling and make sure that all its parts are in good condition. So before you do this, you first need to learn how to keep your car tires summer ready.

Check the tires. Tires are one of the most important parts of the car because they are the only thing that touches the road. Here’s what you should look for to make sure your tires are in good condition:

tire pressure

Properly inflated tires are safer and use less gas, so it’s best to check their pressure once a month with a calibrated pressure gauge. The correct pressure is set by the car manufacturer and can be found in the glove box, on the inside of the gas cap, on the inside of the door, or in the car manual.

rotation band

The tread makes the vehicle behave well on wet ground, allowing water to drain properly and reducing the chance of aquaplaning. It also affects how the car stops, how it turns, and how well it can move.

The law says that the tread must be at least 1.6 millimeters deep, so it must be checked frequently. To do this, just look at the wear indicators. When the tread is even with the wear indicators, you should get a new tire. It is important to check with all wheels turned in one direction.

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vision check

It’s a good idea to check your tires for bulges, cracks, cuts, or uneven wear from time to time. This type of damage can be caused by a hard hit against a curb or pothole, a flaw in the way the tire was built, or simply wear on the tire.

The rotation of the wheels

Most of the time, the front tires wear out before the rears, so turning the wheels helps distribute the wear so the treads last as long as possible. It’s best to change them every 10,000 kilometers, but there are a few things to think about: uneven wear, buzzing, driving at high speeds, carrying heavy loads or taking long trips.

the spare wheel

Hardly anyone checks the spare tire before a trip, but you should if you don’t want to be let down if you need it. Therefore, before leaving, you should check if it is in good condition and if you have everything you need in the car to change a tire.

Finally, before planning a trip, you should make sure you have all the documentation in order in case the police ask you for it: if you have passed the ITV, if the car insurance is in order, when does your driving license expire, etc.

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