How to unarchive Facebook Messenger chat from a mobile or browser?

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Have you ever archived a Facebook Messenger chat and wanted to know how to unarchive it? Well, in this post we explain how to do it. The steps to unarchive a chat in Facebook Messenger from your mobile device are very simple. The same applies if you want to do it on your computer.

How to Unarchive a Chat on Facebook Messenger from your Smartphone?

Whether you do the steps from the browser or from the app, the change will be reflected wherever you are connected. Without further ado, the steps to unarchive a chat in Facebook Messenger from the app are as follows:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Press the menu button that you will see above and to the left.
  • Several options will appear, but you must choose “Archive”, when you enter you will see the chats that you have archived.
  • To unarchive the chat, you must press it with your finger for a few seconds, and a menu will be displayed where you will see an option called “Unarchive”, which you must choose.
  • The last thing is to exit the file and return to the main screen. There you will find the chat that you have removed from the archive.

Steps to unarchive a Facebook Messenger chat from your computer

Now that you know how to do it from the Messenger app, we will explain the steps to unarchive a chat from your computer. These steps are just as easy:

  • Open Facebook in your computer’s browser.
  • Press the Facebook Messenger button, then choose “See all in Messenger” in the bottom right.
  • Next, press the menu button with the three dots drawn that you can see above and to the left.
  • You will see a menu with several options but you must choose “Archived chats”.
  • To unarchive a chat, you need to press the menu button for each chat and several options will appear, including one called “Unarchive Chat”.
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Once you have done the last step, you have to go back to the main section of Facebook Messenger, and there you can see the chat that you have unarchived.

Another option that you can try is to use the Facebook Messenger browser directly. If you enter the name of the person whose archived chat you want to search for, it will automatically appear in the results.

If you want to unarchive it after you’ve located it through search, just send it a message and it’ll be automatically removed from your archive so you can see it in the main section of Messenger.

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