How to use social networks for the benefit of your company?

Social media has become essential to the way businesses operate in the modern world. Whether you run a small, independent store or a multi-million dollar company, social media is the way most customers will discover and interact with you. It’s important to ask yourself if your business is doing enough to take advantage of these accessible, free and wide-ranging platforms for promotion. Let’s take a look at the essential steps to get the most out of your social media presence.


Social networking sites are multimedia platforms that give you fantastic opportunities to make a first impression. Use as many mediums as you can to make your profiles much more attractive and to maximize your chances of grabbing the attention of a potential customer.

A great video is more likely to stop potential customers as they scroll through your feed, especially since most sites feature autoplay algorithms that will recommend your video to a wide range of people. It can also be the focal point presenting your product, brand, office, and even personal! Your pages will look dynamic and interesting, and seeing a brand representative in a video makes them seem much more accessible and relatable.

The key to this is getting a professional video production company to use their talent and equipment to showcase all that your business has to offer. You should consult with your production company and have in-depth meetings to decide what tone and image you are trying to cultivate. A good production company will produce tailored content that perfectly fits your brand.

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The key to gaining followers is consistency. You should be on your followers feed as often as possible. You should use your analytics to find out when your posts get the most response and post regularly at those times.

If you build your social media presence correctly, you should have 4-5 accounts on various social media sites. To track this, it would be advisable to use a social media management system that allows you to schedule your posts across multiple social networks, track your data trends, and stay on top of your analytics. Use these tools to see what connects with audiences, then do more of it!

Keeping to your schedule takes a lot of work, but you’ll notice the difference, and so will your followers!


The most popular business accounts always have a regular layout scheme that they use on every post. This doesn’t have to be the exact same template every time, but a consistent color scheme or visual motif will subconsciously connect with your followers before they’ve even read your post.

Since your followers will be using social media for several hours a day, they will immediately know the difference between a good post and a bad one. You can use online graphic design tools to make each post look professional and eye-catching. These sites are designed to be easy to use and perfect for the dimensions of social media.


One of the main benefits of social media is the community it creates. Appealing to a community is a great way to get your name out there on the internet. You need to consider your target demographic and work on the content they regularly consume, this will help you tailor your posts specifically to appeal to your potential customers.

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An easy way to reach an audience and start forming a connection is to sponsor an influencer. Influencers reach a wide audience, and their endorsement is a great way to boost your online presence. Forming relationships with influencers draws a large crowd that trusts that person’s recommendation, but don’t stop there! Offer discount codes or other freebies to give back to your new audience.


Grabbing an audience’s attention is a great start, but it’s not enough. You have to use your new presence to build your own community. If you build a following and are active, then you have a good chance of being verified, which marks you as a genuine and trustworthy account.

Engaging with your audience will exponentially increase your follower count and relationship with those followers. The whole point of social media is to be attractive and real, so use your social profiles to show your genuine side. Answer questions or respond to comments to add a personal touch and increase the chances that your audience will return.


Live streams are a great way to connect with your followers and show them some of the inner workings of your business. Approaching a live broadcast with confidence and charisma shows the friendly and approachable side of your business.

Use live streams to build some excitement by counting down multiple days. Make sure you have an activity or script set up to run as smoothly as possible. Question and answer sessions often work fantastically, or you can set up a competition on your page and judge the results live! Whatever you choose to do, live streaming is a great way to grow your numbers and engage with a large number of your audience at once.

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If you stream live make sure you are using good quality equipment and the best internet you can manage, the last thing you need is for your stream to fail due to technical difficulties.


Social media campaigns are an essential way to boost your business. You could run an ad campaign with your own design scheme to set it apart from your feed. Build the outline around an offer or sale to build some excitement, and post more and more each day until the deal is closed.

You don’t have to use social media campaigns to sell your own products. You can host a meetup to talk about your followers and discuss your most popular content. Using this data, you could imagine a new regular series that would air on your channels. This might be a slightly different post than the usual one that comes out once a week with its own twist. A behind the scenes story, or just a weekly update!

You’ll find that special posts will draw your followers back to your Pages and help build that vital community.

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