Jess Glynne accident: Singer reveals reason she skipped Jay-Z meeting

Finally, British singer Jess Glynne has put an end to all the rumors and speculation about missing an important meeting with music icon Jay-Z. Previously, there was wide speculation about the reason why he missed the first meeting with Jay-Z. Despite getting a career breakthrough for her, British singer Jess Glynne was unable to attend her first meeting with Jay-Z. You would definitely laugh after knowing the reason the singer gave. Nobody had thought that someone could miss a meeting with the international star Jay-Z for such a reason that Jess Glynne explained. Please stay with this page and you must read this article till the end. Scroll down the page.

jess glynne accident

Jess Glynne is a British singer. She recently immigrated to Los Angeles, United States. Jay-Z’s music company, Roc Nation, is handling the artists, and signed British singer Jess Glynne. This is said to be the biggest opportunity Jess Glynne has ever had, but still, she was unable to attend a meeting with Jay-Z who the entire music industry wants to work with. The reason for not going to meet Jay-Z will surely make you laugh and think how can someone miss such an important meeting for that reason?

jess glynne accident

The reason Jess Glynne gave for missing a meeting with Jay-Z is that her television was being installed in her apartment. Yes, you read that right, isn’t it funny? However, the British singer admitted that she was getting nervous and excited to meet Jay-Z. But the reason she skipped the meeting wasn’t her nervousness. The real reason was the installation of the television in her apartment. Jess said: “I was meant to meet him, but that day they were adjusting my television.” Read on and learn what she said the most.

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jess glynne accident

Jess Glynne recently moved into her new apartment in Los Angeles, even though she had a lot of workers delivering things and setting them up around the house. She was meant to be in the office, but she couldn’t. The British singer told Jay-Z “I can’t do it.” However, Jay-Z also took it gracefully instead of getting mad at her for missing her first meeting. Jess Glynne said: “She laughed it off, she respected the fact that she had to fix my stuff…” Previously, Jess was working with a record label Atlantic Records, where one of her friends tragically died in 2021, which it was very stressful. time of her life. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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