Huge 100-year-old oak tree falls on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mansion during Hurricane Idalia while his family is inside

For Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Hurricane Idalia really hit home.

A massive oak tree fell on the side of the Sunshine State leader’s Tallahassee mansion during Hurricane Idalia on Wednesday while his wife and three children were inside.

“A 100-year-old oak tree falls on the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee. “Mason, Madison, Mamie and I were home at the time, but fortunately no one was hurt,” the first lady said. Casey DeSantis tweeted just before 12:45 p.m.

“Our prayers are with all those affected by the storm.”

An accompanying image showed the moss-covered giant split in half, with one portion resting on its side and the governor’s mansion in the immediate background.

The governor was asked about the situation at an afternoon news conference, and told reporters that his wife had called him to relay details of the incident.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis said the tree fell on the governor’s mansion during Hurricane Idalia on Wednesday. Twitter/@CaseyDeSantis

“I guess it’s a very old oak split in half,” he said. “And part of that fell. I don’t know if it fell on the residence itself. It was a little to one side. So that will be cleared up.”

DeSantis speculated on the splintered remains of the oak and found a silver lining if it were completely removed.

santis familyThe wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and their three children were home when the tree fell. AFP via Getty Images

“If they cut down the whole tree, there will be more space for my kids to play baseballs,” he said. “And so in some ways for us, even though the tree was pretty, we’ll probably get by and be pretty good.”

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While Idalia had weakened before reaching Florida’s capital, parts of the city were hit by torrential rains and whipping winds.

DeSantis said the city of 200,000 likely dodged a bullet after some initial projections showed Idalia crashing directly into it.

“There has been rain and wind,” he said. “There is some debris. But nothing like that wall had impacted Tallahassee. “I think you would have seen a lot more damage.”

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