‘Humiliated’: she travels to the US to meet her boyfriend; he confesses that she misses her ex

A video was spread on social networks in which a young Mexican woman says that she lived a sad experience when traveling to the United States to meet the person who was supposed to be the love of her life.

The young woman had been talking to him for about two years, without imagining the reaction of the subject, who after getting drunk ended up kicking her out of her house, also admitting that he was still in love with his ex-partner.

Through the TikTok account (amysantana05), the user shared the video in which she tells of her experience.

In her video, the young woman said that she had traveled to Indianapolis, United States, to meet with a subject with whom she had maintained a long-distance relationship for two years, during which time the man had said he was completely in love with her, something that He quickly denied it with a few drinks.

In her story, the young woman says that when she went out with her lover, she realized that something was wrong, because even though they went to a nightclub together, the man left her alone most of the time.

Even when he returned drunk, he only talked about his ex and confessed that he had another girlfriend to whom he had lied in order to be able to see the Mexican.

“I was supposed to be with him for two weeks to get to know each other, I’ve been here for a week and I’ve already asked… he told me that he doesn’t want me here, that he misses his ex-girlfriend and that right now I’m in Indianapolis, but he lives in Ohio and in Ohio he has another girlfriend and he is blatantly lying to her and telling her that he is with his friend when he is with me,” the young woman explained.

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His flight was until November 19.

Furthermore, he indicated that although he wanted to get out of there at that moment, he did not know where he was, not to mention that he was in an unknown country and had nowhere to stay, so he published his video to find someone who could help him. give. inn in the United States, since their flight leaves until November 19.

After the publication, some users offered her solutions such as approaching the Mexican Consulate and calling someone to send her money. There were also comments in which they reprimanded her for not taking money to an unknown country and trusting a man she had never seen. . .

Fortunately, the young woman clarified a few hours ago that she was already in a safe place, which reassured many, but others asked her for a second part of her video, in which she tells how she managed to return to Mexico.

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