IJBOL! Kid ‘Coaches’ Dad On What Not To Say At Parent-Teacher Meeting, Internet Hearts The Video

A parent-teacher meeting, often referred to as a parent-teacher conference or simply PTM, is a scheduled event where parents or guardians meet with the child’s teachers to discuss their academic progress, behaviour and overall performance at school.

These meetings are a valuable opportunity for parents and teachers to exchange information, address concerns, and work together to support the child’s educational journey.

PTM is a scary time for kids as they feel teachers might complain about them, so a kid decided to coach his father and the video of the same is now going viral. Watch the viral video here. 

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Child’s Hilarious ‘Coaching Session’ For Dad Ahead Of Parent-Teacher Meeting Goes Viral

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A video doing the rounds on social media shows child conversing with his father ahead of a parents-teacher meeting at school. In the video, the boy can be seen discussing with his father what he should and should not tell the teacher. 

“You need to tell them that I come home from school, eat khichdi (a dish), and sleep,” he says.

In the meantime, the father interjects, saying, “But you eat cookies. You’ve even got a bunch of munchies.” 

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“No… you don’t have to mention all that,” the toddler responds. You should remark, “I sleep after eating khichdi.”

Dad’s witty reply to the kid

When he hears this, the father asks playfully, “Why should I lie?” 

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The child’s insightful remark beautifully demonstrates his brilliance. The video has gained popularity due to obvious reasons. Many individuals have commented and shared their thoughts. 

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According to one user, his teacher must already be aware of this discussion given the popularity of the video. Another user said that it’s amazing to see the tremendous intelligence of today’s children.

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