Is Dani Biso dead? Is it true that Daniel Bisogno died? This is known about rumors.

Many people wonder if Daniel Bisogno died, this is because the presenter’s appearance has changed a lot in recent months.

Is Dani Biso dead? It is the question that many have asked themselves in recent days on the Internet, this is because after several drastic changes in Bisogno’s appearance, many alerts have been raised about the Mexican presenter.

In recent days, rumors have been circulating on social media about the health of renowned Mexican entertainer Daniel Bisogno.

These rumors arose weeks ago after journalist María Luisa Valdés Doria reported on an alleged septic shock that would have left Bisogno in critical condition, as indicated on Wednesday, October 18.

The journalist shared the news on his social networks, mentioning that Bisogno was in intensive care. However, Bisogno, through his own platforms, repeatedly denied these reports, denying any serious condition and stating that they are unfounded rumors.

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However, everything took a turn later when in an interview the Mexican presenter stated that he had been in poor health and for that reason he had a drastic change in his appearance and weight.

Is Dani Biso dead? The rumors

At the beginning of October, speculation had already spread about Bisogno’s alleged internment, to which he responded by denying this situation and suggesting that the media was in need of news.

The latest wave of rumors gained strength when the actor Pepe Magaña claimed to have been contacted to replace Bisogno in a play. This time, social networks were filled with speculation about the health of the 50-year-old entertainer.

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It is crucial to note that Daniel Bisogno has forcefully reiterated that these rumors are baseless. On his social networks, he expressed annoyance at the spread of false information about an alleged septic shock and clarified that these are fabricated hoaxes.

Currently, a rumor is circulating on TikTok about Bisogno’s death, since after returning to the program as a presenter, many see a change in his appearance that is too drastic.

Users speculate that it is supposedly that the Mexican has AIDS, however this information has not been confirmed.

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