Is Roman Kostomarov dead or alive? Critical condition of Russian ice skater

Former Russian ice dancer Roman Kostomarov has caught the attention of the audience after he was reportedly in critical condition at a hospital after having his foot and several toes amputated. Yes, the Russian Olympic champion has been hospitalized after his serious injuries. According to the sources, Roman Kostomarov was admitted to the hospital on January 10 with an advanced cold, which was believed to be Covid-19. He progressed to pneumonia and Kostomarov required respiratory assistance to survive, according to reports in Russia. His condition did not improve after he was sent to Kommunarka in Moscow for specialized care.

Is Roman Kostomarov dead or alive?

Since the news of his injuries went viral on social media, his fans and loved ones began to pray for his speedy recovery at this time. Later, the doctors made the decision to amputate one of his feet and several fingers due to circulatory problems and gangrene. With this, it was also reported that Roman was put into an induced coma after a stroke and a second brain hemorrhage that affected his eyesight as well. Kostomarov, who had to fight for his life at first, is believed to have made some progress and been awakened from his coma.

roman kostomarov

Roman Kostomarov is a 2006 Olympic Champion, a two-time World Champion (2004-05), as well as a three-time Grand Prix Final Champion (2003-05, and a three-time European Champion (2004-06). He began skating in at age 9 and a coach put him in ice dancing at 11. He won the 1996 World Junior Championships with Ekaterina Davydova.

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roman kostomarov

During the 1998-1999 season, Kostomarov decided to compete alongside Tatiana Navka. His coach was Natalia Linichuk. They placed 12th in their first season together and were sent to the World Championships after winning the bronze medal at the Russian Championships. From 2004 to 2006, they also brought home three European titles.

At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, they subsequently won gold. After the Olympics, Navka/Kostomarov started training, but they still danced together at concerts. The Olympic champion married Australian women’s champion Julia Lautowa in 2004, but their relationship ended in divorce. Later, he married the Russian ice dancer Oksana Domnina. The couple was blessed with a daughter, Anastasia, and a son, the. Along with this, Roman also supported Gennady Zyunanov’s candidacy in the 2012 presidential election. Since the news of his hospitalization was confirmed, his fans and loved ones are praying for his speedy recovery. We will share more details about his state of health. Stay tuned with us.

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