Where is Nathan Millard? Missing in Baton Rouge Georgia Businessman Found Dead?

Hearing the news of someone’s disappearance is quite scary. It constantly puts the family, loved ones and friends of the missing person in a state of uneasiness, and the constant fear of receiving bad news robs them of happiness, sleep and rest as well. Since a family member is lost, the first thing that comes to the mind of their loved ones is the safety and well-being of the missing person. After that, your mind is kept busy with a phone call in the hope of receiving good news.

Nathan Millard disappearing Baton Rouge

One such family is currently praying for the well-being of their loved one, Nathan Millard, who went missing and now people want to know what happened to him and if he is still missing or found. The disappearance of 42-year-old Nathan Millard, a native of Georgia, has reportedly left his friends and family concerned and anxious for his well-being. The report states that Nathan disappeared at the time of his business trip to Baton Rouge, located in Louisiana, in the middle of the week of February 2023.

nathan millard missing baton rouge

Since then, no one had watched him and filed a report of his disappearance. Despite extensive search efforts by police and law enforcement officials, Nathan has yet to be found. His family is truly concerned for him and praying for his well-being. Other than that, his mysterious disappearance has raised concerns and questions about what might have happened to him and how he disappeared. Is he in danger? Nathan had reportedly checked into the Hampton Inn and Suites on Saturday, February 11, 2023. This hotel is located in Baton Rouge and he was supposed to have a meeting with a client the same day, but never showed up for the meeting.

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nathan millard missing baton rouge

Elizabeth Millard, Nathan’s wife, gets worried when she doesn’t hear from him and after that, she decides to contact the hotel to ask if they know anything about her husband. Hotel staff claimed that she had checked in but had not been checked on since. Nathan’s family and friends continue to search for information about him and are concerned about him. They want to know what happened to him. Nathan’s rental car was reportedly discovered abandoned in the parking lot near the hotel. Police searched the car and found Nathan’s belongings inside, including his wallet and phone. Police are still searching for him and are asking the public to share any information if they know of him. The person is still missing and we are also praying for his well-being.

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