Itatí Cantoral’s father, Roberto Cantoral, a successful musician

Armando Cantoral is a successful Mexican musician, known for being the father of actress Itatí Cantoral.

Itatí Cantoral’s father was a renowned composer and singer, and was part of the duet “Los Hermanos Cantoral”.

Roberto Cantoral was born in Mexico City, in 1934. He is the son of Roberto Cantoral and María Luisa Lara. He studied music at the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico.

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Cantoral began his musical career in the 1950s, forming the duet “Los Hermanos Cantoral” with his brother.

Singing with his daughter.

The duo was very popular in Mexico and Latin America, and recorded more than 20 clubs. Cantoral also adapted as a composer, writing songs for artists such as Luis Miguel, Gloria Trevi and Alejandro Fernández.

Personal life

Cantoral was married to Itatí Zucchi, with whom he had Itatí Cantoral. The couple divorced in 1989. Cantoral also had two other children from his second marriage.

It should be remembered that Roberto Cantoral was a successful musician who left an indelible legacy in Mexican music. He is a proud father of Itatí Cantoral, who has followed in his footsteps into the world of entertainment.

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