Indian Student Waves Tiranga At Graduation Ceremony Abroad, Desis Well Up With Pride

It is an undeniable fact that every year thousands of students move out of India and travel across the seas to join their foreign counterparts in some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. While the practise is rather common for elites living in metropolitan areas of India, often a dilemma about how to preserve their Indian identity arises.

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Indian Student Unfurls Indian Flag During Graduation Abroad

Indian Student Waves Tricolour Flag At Graduation CeremonyTwitter (X)

However, one student studying abroad proved that there are easy ways to stay grounded in one’s Indianness even after studying abroad for years. 

During a graduation ceremony abroad, a student from India remembered his roots by proudly waving the tricolour flag on stage, making Indians across the globe proud. The video went viral just days before Independence Day and created an even larger impact on social media.

The video was posted by IAS Awanish Sharan on Twitter, now X, and left Indian viewers absolutely enthralled. In the clip, the student was called to the stage at the ceremony after the announcer called out his name, Mahesh Narayan Trimurthi.

The Student Also Paid Tribute To India With His Outfit

The young man was not only prepared to invoke his national pride on stage through the tiranga, but he also came ready to pay tribute to his Indian pride by wearing traditional Indian clothes beneath his compulsory graduation robe. The contrast of his orange kurta and red dhoti against the plain black robe was apparent. 

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Student Paid Tribute To India With His OutfitTwitter (X)

The Indian-origin student tied together his traditional outfit with a pair of classic chappals and entered the stage with his toes out, which was quite a stark difference from all the other students at the ceremony who had joined the stage in western go-to suits with dress shoes to complement their look.

Once the student was called upon the stage, in the clip, he walked in with a wide smile on his face and reached for the tricolour flag. He stood in the middle of the stage and unfurled the flag as the audience roared in support. The student then proceeded to wave the flag behind him as he walked to the end of the graduation aisle. 

He got a degree and won millions heart.❤️

— Awanish Sharan 🇮🇳 (@AwanishSharan) August 11, 2023

The audience, as well as the professors and other officials sitting in attendance, erupted in applause for the student and his nationalist sentiment. Besides the audience during the ceremony, the online viewers too shared a similar passion on Twitter.

The Indian audience congratulated the student on his achievement and applauded his actions while representing the country abroad. Many expressed their proud reactions below the post, while there were some haters who thought the gesture was futile.

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