James Charles’ ‘Korean’ makeup controversy explained as video goes viral

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James Charles’ ‘Korean’ makeup video goes viral

James Charles, an American beauty YouTuber, is currently embroiled in yet another controversy over a makeup tutorial he shared on Saturday, August 26. James introduced the video by saying it was the first in a series in which he would experiment with full face makeup. of other nations and civilizations. He made an effort for “Korean makeup” in the first video of the series, a makeup style favored by Koreans. James used some cosmetic videos created by Asian TikTok users in the film. Although many argued that TikTok’s developers were Korean, they were actually Chinese and Japanese.

Chinese beauty influencers who appeared in James’s video thumbnail were also mentioned. Others argued that because James did not do enough research, she chose to emulate Douyin makeup, widely used in China, instead of Korean makeup. Despite using Korean beauty brands in the video, the YouTuber received criticism for confusing Chinese influencers with Korean ones. The Asian beauty community was allegedly insulted by James Charles’ makeup soon after, according to a video created by drag queen and YouTuber Rich Lux. James was labeled uninformed and lacking in respect and understanding in a user comment on Rich’s video.

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According to Rich Lux, James Charles warned his viewers that he would make mistakes when doing makeup because he was aware that his makeup tutorial could become a popular topic. James’ makeup video received considerable criticism, although not everyone had a low opinion of it. Some viewers praised the YouTuber and urged him to experiment with international makeup trends. Others admired James’ efforts to be hospitable to people from different cultures. Rich Lux’s video received some criticism because the influencer reportedly left heartfelt comments on James’ page. Rich’s claim was disputed by another user as James’ comment area largely supported it. Stay tuned to us for the latest news.

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