Jaylee Chillson Shot Himself in Front of Sheriff’s Deputy: Fugitive Suicide in Kansas

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Jaylee Chillson shot herself in front of sheriff’s deputy

As the law enforcement officer tried to persuade the 14-year-old runaway from Kansas to return home, the girl shot herself in the head in front of the surprised sheriff’s deputy. Around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jaylee Chillson was at an outdoor gathering in the small town of Aurora after the Cloud County Sheriff’s Office learned she had run away from home earlier, according to KAKE- TVNews. The agent was questioning Chillson about her return to her home when she pulled out a revolver. The sheriff’s office stated in a news release that “she pulled out a gun and shot herself while he escorted her to her patrol car.”

Jaylee Chillson shot herself

“The agent did not draw his weapon. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after midnight despite the efforts of a sheriff’s deputy and an off-duty firefighter, the release said. In a moving Facebook message, Chillson’s father called the tragedy “unbearable.” “She is incredible. Perfect,” wrote Jeb Chillson. Everything a daughter could be. She is awesome. She is wise. She is everything to us. Our hearts are breaking. It is intolerable. It is unfair. The distraught father She also expressed her anger, stating that her daughter had been mocked and rejected.

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He said: “I’ve seen texts from her ‘friends’ all day who treated her absolutely horribly. The rest of our family and her therapist are the only people who know the details of the previous year of her life, she said. The party was attended by high school and college students and, according to police, several witnesses were questioned about the incident, but no charges were filed. The sheriff’s office also invited the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to assist with the investigation “to ensure impartiality since his deputy was present during the shooting.” According to her obituary, Chillson was born on March 11, 2009 in Manhattan, Kansas, and raised in Clay Center with her parents, Jeb and Stacie Chillson, and her fourth siblings.

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