10 Best MacBook Accessories for 2023 [Buying Guide]

Are you looking for the best MacBook accessories For 2023 to take your MacBook experience to the next level? 2023 promises some exciting new products when it comes to gadgets and gizmos designed specifically for Apple’s trusty laptops.

In this article, we’ll explore all the top-rated items available on the market today that can increase your portability, performance, practicality, and convenience with a tailored accent for any user – from students to professionals.

Let’s dive in and check out The Best Macbook Accessories of 2023!

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  • Charging adapters, laptop cases and sleeves, hubs and docks, keyboards, mice, laptop stands, desk mats, and external monitors are the most popular accessories available for MacBooks in 2023.
  • Logitech’s MX Master 3 wireless mouse is highly recommended as it offers unmatched accuracy combined with comfortable ergonomics & 11 customizable buttons.
  • An ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat made of vegan leather provides both protection and convenience—as it can wirelessly charge up to three devices simultaneously.
  • Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation gives HD sound quality featuring clear highs & deep bass while offering a Noise Cancellation feature that works at up to 20 decibels.

Types of MacBook Accessories

From charging adapters, laptop cases, sleeves, hubs, and docks to keyboards, mice, laptop stands, desk mats, and more – there is a broad range of MacBook accessories available for users today.

Charging Adapters

Charging adapters are necessary accessories for any Apple laptop, as they provide a quick and safe power connection. Charging adapters allow your device to draw its full power supply without damage or risk of overheating and come in varying wattages, so it is important to identify the adapter that matches your particular laptop model.

Some of the best charging adapters on the market today include the Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter, which ensures safe, fast charges with pass-through support, while StarTech.com’s 4K 60Hz HDR10 Adapter offers ultra HD clarity as well as a better viewing experience when connected to an external monitor.

The Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2 USB-C Hub is great for connecting various peripheral devices through its dual Type C ports, offering greater compatibility across different MacBook models like Air and Pro.

Laptop Cases and Sleeves

Laptop cases and sleeves are an essential accessory for MacBook users in 2023. They provide necessary protection from bumps, scratches, water damage, dust, and any other outside harm that may come to the laptop during everyday use.

Cases can often include extra pockets or compartments to help with organizing charging adapters, headphones, or any other accessories you might need on your travels. With its lightweight design and ergonomic feel, a laptop case allows you to bring your favorite device wherever you go without worrying about damage being done on the go.

Furthermore, many cases possess adjustable straps that make it easier than ever to keep track of our highest-valued technological possessions, like the MacBook Pro, while commuting between school and work.

Hubs and Docks

Hubs and docks are popular choices for MacBook users who need to expand the capabilities of their laptops while enhancing productivity. Hubs provide an array of USB ports, allowing multiple devices to be connected at once with ease.

A hub can also add a headphone jack, extra memory via SD or CF card readers, or even external monitors if it’s powerful enough. Docks are made for your desk space and provide even more options like dual video displays, Ethernet, HDMI/VGA output as well as audio in/out port, and more.

With a dock, you’ll have far fewer cables connecting devices to your laptop than without one—allowing for quick and easy setup between different locations. Additionally, cutting-edge USB-C hubs and adapters offer options such as 4K resolution video on modern Mac models with Thunderbolt 3 ports which allow them access more accessories such as storage drives than ever before.


A wide range of keyboards are available as MacBook accessories, including the Nuphy Air75 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. The Nuphy keyboard is an excellent choice for those seeking a more traditional typing experience, while its wireless capabilities provide an even greater degree of convenience.

Meanwhile, the Magic Keyboard offers superior user comfort by combining wonderful large keycaps and macOS-specific function keys, allowing users to perform shortcuts and functions directly on their MacBook screen.

Its built-in features also allow for easy emoji entry, multilingual keyboard switching, locking the computer from sleep mode, and various other tasks — all from one compact unit! Moreover, its design makes it compatible with many Macbook models; thus making it a great option for any connected workspace.


For MacBook Pro and Air users in 2023, picking the right mouse can enhance performance as well as comfort. The Logitech MX Master 3S is a popular choice among those who want an ergonomic design that works on most surfaces.

This wireless mouse features sophisticated gesture controls, has 4 advanced resolution settings, and boasts up to 40 days of battery life on one charge. Another option for MacBook owners is the SteelSeries Prime Mini which is perfect for small hands thanks to its lightweight materials and smaller size; it also offers 2 DPI presets, making it great for gaming on your MacBook.

Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 also remains a reliable option due to its highly sensitive touch surface technology and effortless scrolling capabilities – you simply drag two fingers across the top shell of the mouse without lifting off from the trackpad– however, with no support for switching between PCs/Macs or extra customizability, this may not be ideal for some productivity tasks Newport Beach web Design Agency.

Logitech’s MX Master 3 wireless mice is widely regarded as the best overall wireless mouse available in 2023, offering unmatched accuracy combined with highly comfortable ergonomics – complimented by 11 customizable buttons.

Laptop Stands

With a sleek design and made from aluminum, laptop stands for MacBooks are a great addition to any workspace. These stands provide an improved viewing angle when working with your MacBook, which helps maintain good posture and prevents neck strain.

Additionally, they often can also serve as docking stations to help connect accessories that no longer have ports on the laptop itself, such as USBs, HDMI generals, or SD card slots.

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The mStand by Rain Design is identified specifically as the best laptop stand for MacBook due to its sturdy build and high compatibility options with different laptops. By investing in one of these stands, you will be rewarded with not only ergonomic features but also some aesthetic benefits, like resembling the clean metal lines of the MacBook itself.

Desk Mats

Desk mats are a popular type of MacBook accessory that can be used to protect desks and enhance desk setups. Made from various materials such as leather and vegan leather, they serve to provide an aesthetically pleasing workspace for MacBook users.

The ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat is noteworthy, made of vegan leather, and its sleek design offers both protection and convenience—as it can wirelessly charge up to three devices simultaneously.

Its robust construction provides plenty of protection, while its non-slip coating makes sure the laptop stays in place during use. A quality desk mat, when paired with other accessories like a keyboard or mouse—can help turn any boring space into one full of productivity, giving a clear indication of why using them is becoming more commonplace amongst Macbook users.

External Monitors

External monitors are essential accessories for MacBook laptops in 2023. They can be used to optimize the visual experience, increase productivity, and gain additional screen real estate.

External monitors also allow users to multitask without having to switch between different windows or apps on their laptops. Depending on the model of your MacBook Pro, it may support up to two external displays simultaneously if it has an M2 Pro chip installed.

Some great options that are available this year include ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED, which offers deep and accurate colors and reliable performance; LG UltraFine 27-inch 5K monitor for high-resolution visuals; ADATA SE800 offering eye protection technology with a blue light filter; StarTech 4K60hz HDR10 Adapter giving clear visuals both at home and work settings; as well as Logitech MX Master 3 for enhanced productivity performances through wireless connections.

Backpacks and Totes

Bags and totes are a great way for MacBook owners to keep their accessories organized and make sure that they’re all in one place. A spacious laptop bag is essential for accommodating a MacBook Pro and its accessories, such as cables, SD cards, chargers, external hard drives, batteries, etc. As different tasks require different devices, it’s important that the bag has plenty of pockets so users can carry what they need with them.

The quality of the backpack or tote within which these items are stored is also key when it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of the devices. In order to get optimal use out of your Apple products, it’s vital to invest in a high-quality bag capable of providing enough storage space but will also be able to shield from bumps or drops along the way.

Not all bags are created equal. However, some offer customization options such as shock-absorbing straps or even an anti-theft zipper system feature — both perfect examples of something you should look for when investing in any type of tech carrier!

Headphones and Earbuds

When it comes to headphones and earbuds for MacBook, one of the best options are Apple AirPods Pro (2nd-generation). These headphones are waterproof and offer a Noise Cancellation feature that works at up to 20 decibels.

Additionally, they provide HD sound quality featuring clear highs and deep bass so you can enjoy your music with superior audio. Moreover, thanks to their wireless capabilities, you won’t get tangled up in any cords while listening.

These earbuds also come with three pairs of silicone tips, making them even more comfortable when used for extended periods of time. Another great set of earphones is the Beats EP On-Ear Headphones which offers excellent sound quality from speakers fitted into every cup and features an adjustable band providing comfortable listening.

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Best MacBook Accessories of 2023

Best MacBook Accessories

Check out our top picks for the very best MacBook accessories to maximize productivity and convenience in 2023. Read on to learn all about them!

Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter

Price: $9.90

The Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter is the best and most economical option for those looking to upgrade their accessories in 2023. This adapter has all the features that any Mac user would need from a premium adapter, including data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, durability due to its aluminum alloy construction, and style with three colors available to match the new MacBook 12-inch.

The price is unbeatable at only $9.90, too, making this an obvious choice when shopping for your MacBook’s accessories in 2023. So if you’re looking for a way to stay current with technology without breaking the bank, then look no further than Nonda’s USB-C to USB Adapter!

Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station

Price: $249.99

The Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station is one of the best MacBook accessories for 2023. This handy MacBook docking station features a 100-watt USB-C connection to your laptop, perfect for quickly connecting and charging all of your peripherals and devices.

Additionally, the minimalist design has five 10Gbps USB ports, two Type-C ports, and three others that make it easier than ever to connect multiple external monitors or dock multiple drives with speed and convenience.

It also comes with an ultra-compact 12-in-1 design that includes a wireless charging pad giving you even more possibilities as far as portability is concerned, making this a great choice for those who like to travel light but still stay connected on the go.

Mophie 3-in-1

Price: $139.95

The Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad is one of the top accessories for 2023, providing ultimate convenience with its Qi compatibility so that users can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The Mophie 3-in-1 provides up to 10W power and fast charges iPhone, AirPods, as well as Apple Watch all at once in any environment – even when on the go. Its MagSafe technology works perfectly with compatible MacBooks and also allows users to charge their iPhones efficiently and wirelessly.

With an affordable price tag of $139.95, it’s a must-have accessory for every tech-savvy user who wants quick and efficient charging options from one single device.


Price: ‎$69.99 

The ADATA SE800 is one of the best MacBook accessories for 2023, offering an array of features and capabilities to enhance user experience. It can provide USB-C to USB-A or HDMI adapter options, thus enabling convenient connection to a range of devices at once with a single device.

With its powerful 60 watts and Type-C PD support, this powerful docking station allows users to charge their MacBook using just a single cable. Alternatively, it also supports an additional 2 x DisplayPort 11 video outputs and a Gigabit Ethernet port for increased productivity.

Furthermore, the built-in smart circuit means users don’t need to worry about overcharging as the PLA chip intelligently detects safe levels before charging begins. Combining safety with efficiency makes this accessory an ideal choice for owners in 2023.

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RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt Portable Charger

Price: $89.99

The RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt Portable Charger is the best USB-C battery pack for MacBook accessories in 2023. It supports 60W Power Delivery output on a single port and has two USB-C outputs, both of which support Power Delivery technology, making it future-proofed.

At $89.99, it offers great value given its performance capabilities and capacity – enough to charge most laptops at least once or smaller devices multiple times. The efficient power management systems also ensure that there will be no overloading when used with higher wattage devices; plus, the stylish design, complete with an LED indicator, makes it look very modern! A great choice for all your MacBook accessory needs in 2023!

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED

Price: ‎$399.99

The ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED is one of the best MacBook accessories for 2023. It features a 15.6-inch OLED screen with a native Full HD 1080p resolution, offering excellent visual performance.

Besides its stunning visuals and accurate colors, this monitor also stands out due to its advanced OLED technology that provides better contrast, higher brightness, a broader color range, and faster refresh rates.

Not only that, but it is designed to be compatible with most MacBooks for users who need extra secondary screens in their devices. With this portable monitor, you can experience better viewing quality and clarity at all times on your MacBook device, making it the perfect accessory if you’re looking for something to upgrade your MacBook’s display capabilities.

Logitech MX Master 3

Price:  ‎$99.95

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the perfect companion for your MacBook Pro or Air in 2023. It has been optimized to perfectly integrate with macOS and iPadOS, making it an ideal choice for Mac users who want a mouse that offers advanced features and functions.

This wireless peripheral boasts MagSpeed scrolling, which provides a smooth navigation experience when browsing pages online or within documents; an improved thumb wheel for intuitively adjusting audio levels or zooming in on images; and quiet clicks, which help reduce noise distraction from repeated presses of the buttons.

In addition to its robust functionality, the MX Master 3 also has an 8000 DPI sensor giving you precise tracking accuracy as you move about on the screen. For those looking for a top-notch mouse that will provide them with optimal control when using their MacBook Pro or Air in 2023, then they need to look no further than Logitech’s MX Master 3–the best mouse option available this year!

Anker PowerDrive Speed+

Price: $25.99

The Anker PowerDrive Speed+ is a car charger that comes with impressive IQ2 and PD 3.0 technology. This provides you the ability to charge modern devices at an optimal rate, and it is backward compatible with older device models, allowing you to charge them, too, without any issues.

Furthermore, its compatibility does not end there; it offers high flexibility for other gadgets such as power banks or batteries, making this option versatile and reliable so users do not miss a beat on their charging needs while they drive.

The Anker PowerDrive Speed+ has been tested extensively by GearLab and proved to be of superior quality, adding an extra layer of assurance on top of its already sterling reputation in the marketplace.

Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger

Price: $69.99

The Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger is the perfect device for MacBook users requiring convenience and versatility. With two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, recharge compatible laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices all at once in a single package.

Competing for its 60W USB-C output to the charger that comes with most 13” MBPs, it offers significantly more power and great support for USB Power Delivery (PD) charging as well as Quick Charge for even faster recharging times.

Capable of adapting to whatever your environment necessitates, it has become one of the top recommended chargers among Macbook users due to its ease of use, features, and ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.


Price: $34.99

AppleCare+ is the extended warranty and repair coverage program for Macs that provides global repair coverage and technical support from Apple-authorized technicians worldwide. It can be purchased at an annual fee of $34.99 or with a three-year coverage option costing $99, depending on the type of Mac you have.

This protection plan covers most types of MacBook accessories, such as keyboards, mice, AC adapters, docks, adapters, batteries, etc., along with parts and labor costs incurred in case your device needs repairs within the duration period for which it is covered.

In addition to providing repairs under their extended warranty plans, AppleCare+ also offers discounted repair services through Best Buy, where customers pay only deductibles instead of full replacement costs, making it incredibly affordable for any kind of service when compared to potential repair costs without a policy.

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your MacBook

With a range of options available, it’s important to take into consideration your MacBook needs and budget in order to find the perfect accessory for your needs!

Determine the Source of Your Water

Before making a purchase, it is important to determine the source of your water in order to select the best MacBook accessories for your needs. Different sources of water can cause different types of contaminants, which may then affect performance and durability.

In addition, certain contaminants such as chlorine and lead can pose potential health risks if not properly filtered out. To avoid any negative impacts on your Apple products, consider investing in filters that are tailored specifically for the source of your water or selecting an adapter with built-in filtering capabilities like Anker PowerDrive Speed+.

Doing so will ensure you get long-lasting, high-quality performance from all the accessories you use with your MacBook.

Identify the Contaminants you Need to Remove

It is important to identify any contaminants associated with MacBook accessories before using them. These contaminants can range from dust and debris to moisture or oil deposits which can cause long-term damage to the device.

Additionally, some chemicals used in manufacturing may be toxic or corrosive and pose a risk of injury if ingested via contact with skin or eyes. Contaminants should generally be removed prior to use by cleaning the surface of the accessory thoroughly, using a microfiber cloth, as well as an appropriate cleaner free of harsh chemicals where necessary for extra protection.

By ensuring that no potentially hazardous substances come into contact with your device, you will have peace of mind that you are protected against potential risks posed by these materials.

Consider Filter Capacity and Replacement Frequency

When choosing accessories for a MacBook Pro, considering filter capacity and replacement frequency is important in ensuring optimal performance. Filter capacity can be described as the average amount of water or other particles that can pass through an accessory’s filtering mechanism before it needs to be replaced.

For example, if you need to remove chlorine from tap water with an external monitor, then you’ll want to have one with a high filter capacity so it won’t require frequent replacements and additional costs.

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Similarly, replacement frequency should also be taken into account when making accessories purchases because certain types of products will wear out quicker than others due to frequent use over extended periods of time.

Accessories like keyboards and hubs are especially prone to this kind of regular use – by factoring in their frequency of replacement when shopping, consumers can save money on avoidable expenses down the line.

Benefits of Using the Right Accessories

Adopting the right accessories for your MacBook can bring improved performance, durability, and safety to your device while ensuring greater compatibility with various gadgets.

Improved Performance

Using the right accessories can greatly improve the performance of MacBooks in 2023. Enhanced connections via USB-C ports, water cooling systems, and even storage extensions enable increased bandwidth and extended battery life.

For instance, Nonda’s USB-C to USB Adapter is useful when needing to connect older peripheral devices such as a mouse or external hard drive. With a reliable connection made possible by higher data transfer rates of up to 5Gbp/s, you can be sure that your device will remain stable during usage.

Additionally, docking stations offer more connections for additional peripherals like monitors or keyboards while adding extra power outlets for charging laptops quickly without having any worries about overheating.

Improved Durability

Using the right accessories for your MacBook can help improve its durability and prolong its life. Dependable charging adapters, laptop cases and sleeves, portable power banks, mice, and keyboards with ergonomic designs are some of the items that should be considered when purchasing accessories for your computer.

Charging adapters with higher wattage are usually more efficient in providing stable electricity flow to protect components from overcharging or overheating, while laptop cases provide a safeguard against dust particles and scratches that might reach internal parts and damage them.

A secure connection may also be achieved by using a 4K 60Hz HDR10 Adapter, which supports an ultra HD Entertaining experience with a quality display while preventing any kind of interference on audio-video signals passing through it.

Additionally, high-end mice like Logitech MX Master 3 are equipped with advanced features such as EasySwitch Technology, so you can easily switch between PC, tablet, or phone without losing connection seamlessly, making working easier than before, which could significantly reduce wear, particularly if a user works long hours daily.

Greater Safety and Health Benefits

Using the right accessories for your MacBook in 2023 can provide greater safety and health benefits. High-quality laptop stands, keyboards, and mice specifically designed to be ergonomic can improve posture while using your device, which in turn will reduce any discomfort or strain experienced during extended use.

In addition, investing in quality accessories like a USB-C adapter can protect against short-circuiting due to accidental water spills as well as prevent damage to ports caused by frequently plugging and unplugging, thereby prolonging the life of your device.

Improved Compatibility

Using the right accessories is essential for getting the most out of your MacBook. Accessories that are designed specifically to work on modern Thunderbolt 4 ports can provide you with greatly improved compatibility – allowing you to connect and use more devices via your laptop, from TVs to docks and external monitors.

Additionally, having compatible accessories means that there will be no compatibility issues when interfacing with newer devices in future technology updates. Having a range of compatible accessories provides greater flexibility and increases productivity when using a MacBook because it becomes easier to adapt quickly, whether at home or traveling for work.

By focusing on picking up reliable high-speed charging adapters and USB hubs as well as robust displays, keyboards, mice, and other input devices that have been tested for full functionality – you’ll get longer-lasting performance from your device thanks to optimum compatibility with all connected peripherals.

Additional Resources

Readers can explore more great MacBook accessories recommended by many industry-leading sources, such as Creative Bloq Newsletter and WIRED COUPONS.

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The Creative Bloq Newsletter is an invaluable resource for readers looking to find the best MacBook accessories of 2023. It offers expert advice from experienced product reviewers, deep dives into new technology and products, analysis of industry trends, exclusive discounts on widely praised products, and much more.

With detailed reviews of accessories like charging adapters, laptop cases and sleeves; hubs and docks; keyboards; mice; laptop stands; desk mats; external monitors; backpacks and totes; headphones/earbuds, as well as AppleCare+ plans—you can easily keep up-to-date with all the latest in terms of the best MacBook accessories available for this year.

Plus, subscribing to the newsletter allows readers access to exclusive deals that won’t be found elsewhere! So if you’re looking for guidance when it comes to selecting the right MacBook accessory or simply want easy access to great discounts – Creative Bloq Newsletter is well worth signing up for.


is the perfect resource for finding all of the latest and greatest deals on Apple accessories. With discounts ranging from MacBooks, and fitness trackers, to iPad accessories, you can be sure to find whatever accessory you need at a discounted price.

You even have access to student deals for extra savings! With extra discounts available on wireless charging accessories and gear for outdoor and indoor activities, finding exactly what you need has never been easier or cheaper.

Plus, with back-to-school offers from reliable brands like Anker, ZAGG, Belkin, or more starting as low as possible, it doesn’t get any better than this! WIRED COUPONS make shopping for Apple products much easier by avoiding wasting your time trying to compare numerous stores while saving money at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s learn about some common FAQs on this topic.

1. What types of accessories work with MacBooks?

MacBooks are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including external displays, mice, keyboards, storage devices, and chargers.

2. Which are the best MacBook accessories for 2023?

The best MacBook accessories for 2023 include a laptop stand to help increase airflow and reduce heat buildup from the bottom of your device; an ergonomic mouse to improve comfort while mousing; an external monitor or USB-C hub to expand the number of ports available; and high-capacity memory modules for extra storage.

3. Are there any must-have or recommended items I should purchase along with my new macOS machine?

Yes, some essential items you should consider purchasing when buying a new Macbook include a protective case & screen guard; travel adapters compatible with international outlets; additional cables and dongles if necessary to support certain peripherals (USB-A/B/C to USB-C adaptors); surge protectors or battery backups in order to ensure reliable power supply whenever working outdoors and finally – backup solutions like Time Machine so as not risk data loss no matter what happens!

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