John Kratz obituary and autopsy report: Nephew charged with shooting death of his uncle

In this article, we are going to share some very shocking news. A Sandown resident, John Krantz, 64, was shot dead at Lobster Claw II on Main Street. When the event occurred at six in the morning, they called the police. Krantz was taken to a hospital in Manchester, but doctors pronounced him dead. People have expressed their grief and shock after learning of Krantz’s passing and have prayed for his family. The neighborhood has come together to offer assistance during this difficult time as they express their condolences and remember the terrible loss. John, the victim of this incident, does not have much information available in the public domain about his past, life and other details. So, read the next paragraph of this article to know more about this case.

john kratz

Autopsy report and obituary for John Kratz

John Kratz Jr., 27, is accused of shooting his uncle John Kratz in the head inside a restaurant in Derry, New Hampshire. The incident occurred on Wednesday and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has verified that John L. Kratz has been charged with second degree murder. He was jailed without bail after appearing in Rockingham Superior Court and refusing to stand trial. Prosecutors claim that shortly before 6pm on the day of the event, Derry police were called to the Lobster Claw II restaurant, where they found the body of John Kratz Jr. being rushed to Elliot Hospital in Manchester, but had already been declared dead.

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john kratz

John Kratz Jr. died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to the state medical examiner’s office. Approximately 12 hours after the murder, John L. Kratz was arrested; the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office is his legal counsel. The victim, Kratz, lived in Sandown. No further information has been available about the incident or the parties involved. After being charged with second degree murder, John Kratz Jr. is currently in prison. If he pleads guilty, his possible punishment will depend on a number of elements, including the particular laws and sentencing standards of the area where the crime was committed.

john kratz

The unlawful murder of another person with premeditation but without premeditation or willful action is often considered second degree murder. Depending on the facts of the case, any aggravating or mitigating circumstances, and the discretion of the court, Kratz Jr. may be subject to the same punishments if he is found guilty. Second-degree murderers can receive a variety of sentences, including lengthy prison terms, probation, or other legal repercussions. So this was all about this case. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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