St Andrews College Suicide, legal obstacle overcome in civil lawsuit for the death of a student

In this article we are going to discuss why Thomas Kruger committed suicide and what was the reason for his decision to end his life. Have you heard of the passing of Thomas Kruger? It was also quite controversial. A controversy erupted after Thomas Kruger ended his life when his parents sued not to share his medical records. We have much more to share with you about the famous Thomas Kruger suicide case. This article is full of all the imperative details associated with the suicide of Thomas Kruger. You are asked to stick to this page and go through the following sections of this article. Please stay with this article until you read it to the end.

University of St Andrews suicide

However, it has been almost five years since Thomas Kruger took his own life, but there are many people who are still frantic to know why Thomas Kruger committed suicide. Thomas Kruger was a student at St Andrew’s Private School located in Makhanda. He was studying in grade 10 at school when he took his own life. Initially, the reason behind the shocking passing of Thomas Kruger was unknown, but later the victim’s parents came forward with serious allegations against the school and the school’s water polo coach named David McKenzie. He takes a look at the next section and finds out what his parents claimed.


First of all, what was the cause of death of Thomas Kruger or how did he die? According to the source, the tenth grader ended his life by hanging himself from the sanatorium window. He died from self-inflicted injuries. More about the deceased, he was only 16 years old at the time of his death. Speaking of the suicide lawsuit of St Andrew’s student Thomas Kruger, the last hurdle has been cleared.

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Thomas Kruger’s parents, Elizabeth and Charl Kruger, have filed a lawsuit against the university, seeking damages of R60 million, citing that water polo coach David McKenzie sexually abused and groomed their son. His parents alleged that Thomas had been depressed and withdrawn after the abuse. The defendant asked the court to see if there was any other problem the student might have had with the psychological report, but the victim’s parents objected to not showing the medical reports. However, Thomas Kruger’s parents won their case not to produce his medical report when a judge ruled that the request was irregular and invasive.

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