Lorena Graniewicz, the Mexican actress who triumphs on television

Lorena Graniewicz, a 32-year-old Mexican actress, is one of the most promising of her generation.

Lorena Graniewicz had a successful professional career in acting, with leading roles in several soap operas and series.


  • 2012-present: Graniewicz began her acting career in 2012, with a supporting role in the soap opera “Judas’ Woman.” In the following years, she has participated in more than 20 soap operas and series, including “Como tú no hay dos”, “Si nos deja” and “Pienso en ti”.
  • 2023: Graniewicz becomes one of the protagonists of the soap opera “Pienso en ti”, along with Sebastián Rulli and Claudia Martín. Her interpretation of Juana Bárbara earned her recognition from critics and the public.
  • 2024: Graniewicz will star in the new Netflix series “El Club de los Idealistas”, alongside Dulce María, Juan Pablo Gil and Aarón Díaz.}

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  • Graniewicz has been nominated for several awards for her work, including a TVyNovelas award for best new actress in 2015.
  • She is considered one of the most talented young actresses in Mexico.

Lorena Graniewicz.

Some details about his personal life are unknown. It is estimated that he is not in a romantic relationship, likewise, he does not have children.

Lorena Graniewicz is a Mexican actress who has had a successful professional career in acting. Her talent and charisma have made her one of the public’s favorites.

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