Ludwika Paleta sister, she is Dominika Paleta, an inseparable duo

The Paleta sisters are two of the most recognized actresses in Mexico. Ludwika is six years older than Dominika, but both share a close relationship of friendship and complicity.

Ludwika and Dominika were born in Poland, but moved to Mexico with their family when they were very little.

Both began acting at a very young age, and since then they have shared the screen on several occasions.

What is your relationship like?

Ludwika and Dominika are very close. They support each other in their careers and personal lives. On more than one occasion, both have spoken of the pride they feel for each other.

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In a recent interview, Ludwika said that Dominika is her best friend. “She is the most important person in my life,” said the actress.

Dominika Paleta, photos of the famous sister of the actress who played “María Joaquina” in “Carrusel” - GuiotecaThe Paleta sisters.

Have you worked together?

Ludwika and Dominika have worked together on several occasions. In 1990 she starred in the children’s soap opera “Carrusel.” In 2011 she starred in the telenovela “La querida del Centauro”.

Ludwika and Dominika Paleta are two inseparable sisters who share a close relationship of friendship and complicity. They are an example of brotherly love and support.

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