The last viral optical illusion you must solve: detect the acorn between the leaves

Our imagination and cognitive abilities are especially challenged by optical illusions.

We are often amazed at how our brains see and interpret the world around us as a result of these challenges.

We’re asked to find an acorn hidden among a sea of ​​leaves in the Internet’s latest sensational optical hoax.

Ready to tackle this fascinating visual puzzle?

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You have to detect the acorn between the leaves in this latest viral optical illusion

Find the acorn among the leaves in the latest viral optical illusionCredit: Betway

Without specialized experience, it is a challenge to scan the image without getting confused by the numerous objects.

The image features fallen leaves in a variety of sizes and shapes in traditional shades of orange and brown to indicate the impending colder months.


If you can find the lone acorn in under 28 seconds (the average time), the puzzle’s creators, Betway, claim you have the eyes of a hawk. So get ready to look for the acorn and remember to stay focused and check each area carefully.

You may find it difficult to stay focused because the challenging puzzle lacks obvious rows, but don’t give up.

Have you seen the acorn yet? Read on if you’re looking for a clue.

The acorn is there: see the image below

Be attentive and focus on the left half of the image. If you still need help, please scroll down to find the solution.

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On the left side of the image, the acorn was buried under a leaf.

Find the acorn among the leaves in the latest viral optical illusionCredit: Betway

Another example of how the Internet unites us in our common interest and wonder is the widely publicized optical illusion of finding the acorn among the leaves. Enjoy the thrill of exploration as you take this visual journey and be amazed by your own powers of perception. So, are you ready for this optical illusion task?

Explore the world of optical illusions and you will discover that solving this complex problem generates a feeling of fulfillment and a new respect for the wonders of the human mind.

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