Malaysian Vocalist Shocks Fans After Showing Them Wads Of Cash Hidden In His Fridge

A Malaysian musician created quite a stir after displaying wads of cash notes hidden inside a refrigerator in a surprise stunt that caught the attention of fans and the general public alike. The extraordinary display has sparked controversy and raised concerns.

Ariff Bahran, a Malaysian singer, reportedly sparked outrage on social media after posting a video of his fridge filled with banknotes. The singer’s attempt to flaunt her fortune unusually has drawn mixed opinions from the public.

The singer’s decision to store wads of cash in the refrigerator begs the question: “Why use that storage technique?” Some assume it’s a clever technique to preserve money and protect it from degradation or theft, while others argue it’s a publicity stunt or attention-seeking act.

Malaysian Artist Surprises His Fans After Showing Them A Cooler Full Of Cash

The video was shared by @adolatube4854 on YouTube with the caption “Ariff Bahran Selamber Je Tayang Duit Dalam Peti Ais.” (“Ariff Bahran Selamber shows money in the fridge”).

The video begins with Malaysian singer Ariff Bahran walking over to his fridge. When he opens it, the top shelf is stacked with wads of cash. In the video, he is seen picking up stacks of RM50 and RM100 bills from his fridge. He shared the video on TikTok and YouTube Shorts and was chastised for being a “show off.”


Ariff Bahran is from Selangor and started working in the music industry in 2014. He rose to fame in 2017 with the release of his single ‘Kata Akhirmu’.

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The video of a Malaysian singer showing wads of cash notes kept inside a refrigerator sparked debate and invited various kinds of comments. While some consider it a sign of success, others consider it an unnecessary sample of money. The act raised concerns about the social impact of such displays.

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